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    Anime, manga, Asian films (particularly horrors), reading (Palahniuk, Natsuo Kirino, Trudi Canavan, Bill Bryson, Dawkins, Jared Diamond), movies (American Beauty, Battle Royale), photography, jam-making, nazi zombie killing...

About Me

My name is Jonathon Scott, I'm 25 and live in East Kilbride, Scotland. I've been teaching myself various aspects of web design since early this year (2009 in case I don't update this) and have got a good feel for the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL and am currently deploying all of these skills to make my first eCommerce site. None of it would be possible without the helpful, kind people on this here forum. I hope I can give even a tiny fraction back of what they have given me.


When not coding, I like to go to the gym, make jam, cook Chinese food, watch horror movies, Asian movies, listen to a variety of bands (Tool, Counting Crows, J-Pop, Sunna, Deftones, onelinedrawing, DJ Shadow, Extreme, Metallica...the list is long and eclectic), play Magic The Gathering, hang out in Starbucks (tall double blended mocha light peppermint frappuccinos FTW), and other useless activities.


I graduated a few years ago with a BA Honours in English and promptly gave up writing, then took it up again, then gave it up again, then... you get the picture. That degree ruined my appreciation of English becase it was so vacuous and devoid of real content. There was one class that taught grammar and stylistics, the rest was just pathetic jibber-jabber. I might return to writing one day, but as it stands I'm like Bryan and the novel he's been working on for 3 years...


That's enough garbagio.

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