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    HTML(intermediate), CSS(intermeddiate), PHP(Learning @ school), Javascript(S. Tiny)

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    On the internet and on my computer

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    hard to read!
  2. htmlcoder


    Well, I normally have a different signature on a forum, but since this is a WEB DEVELOPMENT forum, I kept it to "match" and apply to the forum and keep my sig "on-topic".
  3. This is really late, sorry, i didn't find this thread until now, so:Hi! My name is HTML.Coder. I like coding in HTML (as you probably guessed) and also CSS. I am a computer geek and am addicted to computers in general. I own one domain of my OWN: http://www.kcmartz.com/ (my dad picked the name, i wanted html-coder.net).I am a trekky ( I L-O-V-E Star Trek and cannot wait until the NEW MOVIE comes out in the theaters!!!) I am a Star Wars Fan also, and a Smallville and NCIS fan on TV. I am currently a Sophomore in high school (AKA 10th grade, with 12 total) and am 15 yrs old.I will gladly create you a website (for free) on webs.com with the old fashion coding way, by hand or by the already created template way, but I would rather do it the old-fashion way.*will edit to keep accurate*
  4. htmlcoder


    yeah, it does look nice!
  5. Site Name: Kcmartz's SiteSite Description: A Site I built in my spare time and a little bit during school. It is only about 3/4 a month old.Site Owner/Developer: kcmartz (the name my dad gave me) [postITIONS: Owner, Everything Else]Site Address: kcmartz.com/Extra Comments: This website was built to put stuff I wanted to say on the internet and place games, links to awesome websites (I think they are awesome anyway), a blog, a forum that I am developing from scratch (my web dev teacher has suggested to start from scratch and he is helping me build it). Another reason I made the site is that I got really tired of making a site on webs.com - but they have great services!
  6. I don't use frames, it uses DIVS (a template I got; I just added my information to it)
  7. htmlcoder

    My Website

    The Link is:Visit My Website <-- An Awesome Website__________________________________Please, only constructive advice for my website PLEASE!
  8. htmlcoder


    first of all, try adding a [ code ]*code here*[ /code ] (minus the spaces in between the parts of the BBcode) and make it easier to understand.
  9. I know this is off-topic but:If you would like an easier program to make your website in, try the free trial of Adobe Dreamweaver. Which is what I use all of the time.
  10. I got a favicon for my site, it is about the size of the "B""I""U" buttons on the reply page.What to I do to get it on the site!?!?!?!?
  11. ...and remember, when HTML 5 is out, frames are deprecated.Iframes aren't tho...
  12. htmlcoder

    Php Forum

    Well... My web dev. teacher @ school is helping me with it, but suggestions for it would be app'ated!
  13. @ Deirdre's Dad:can you show me how to do "server-side includes"?thank you!
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