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    My Site

    hard to read!
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    Well, I normally have a different signature on a forum, but since this is a WEB DEVELOPMENT forum, I kept it to "match" and apply to the forum and keep my sig "on-topic".
  3. This is really late, sorry, i didn't find this thread until now, so:Hi! My name is HTML.Coder. I like coding in HTML (as you probably guessed) and also CSS. I am a computer geek and am addicted to computers in general. I own one domain of my OWN: http://www.kcmartz.com/ (my dad picked the name, i wanted html-coder.net).I am a trekky ( I L-O-V-E Star Trek and cannot wait until the NEW MOVIE comes out in the theaters!!!) I am a Star Wars Fan also, and a Smallville and NCIS fan on TV. I am currently a Sophomore in high school (AKA 10th grade, with 12 total) and am 15 yrs old.I will gladly create you a website (for free) on webs.com with the old fashion coding way, by hand or by the already created template way, but I would rather do it the old-fashion way.*will edit to keep accurate*
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    yeah, it does look nice!
  5. Site Name: Kcmartz's SiteSite Description: A Site I built in my spare time and a little bit during school. It is only about 3/4 a month old.Site Owner/Developer: kcmartz (the name my dad gave me) [postITIONS: Owner, Everything Else]Site Address: kcmartz.com/Extra Comments: This website was built to put stuff I wanted to say on the internet and place games, links to awesome websites (I think they are awesome anyway), a blog, a forum that I am developing from scratch (my web dev teacher has suggested to start from scratch and he is helping me build it). Another reason I made the site is that I got really tired of making a site on webs.com - but they have great services!
  6. I don't use frames, it uses DIVS (a template I got; I just added my information to it)
  7. htmlcoder

    My Website

    The Link is:Visit My Website <-- An Awesome Website__________________________________Please, only constructive advice for my website PLEASE!
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    first of all, try adding a [ code ]*code here*[ /code ] (minus the spaces in between the parts of the BBcode) and make it easier to understand.
  9. I know this is off-topic but:If you would like an easier program to make your website in, try the free trial of Adobe Dreamweaver. Which is what I use all of the time.
  10. I got a favicon for my site, it is about the size of the "B""I""U" buttons on the reply page.What to I do to get it on the site!?!?!?!?
  11. ...and remember, when HTML 5 is out, frames are deprecated.Iframes aren't tho...
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    Php Forum

    Well... My web dev. teacher @ school is helping me with it, but suggestions for it would be app'ated!
  13. @ Deirdre's Dad:can you show me how to do "server-side includes"?thank you!
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    Yet another way is to push the enter button for about 100 lines, it will seem to not be there, and the browser will "skip" those lines and register only the actual HTML, unless they look at the scrollbar; that is one way to "hide" it!
  15. Also check out: JavaScript Passwords PageThey have javascripts for passwords, lots of them, including a login-multi-user one!
  16. htmlcoder

    Php Forum

    I am going to build a PHP-based forum on my website and I would like help to build my own from scratch, I would like some help plz!
  17. Why are Frames and Framesets being deprecated!?!?!i have a few websites w/ frames!! Ill have to redo it!
  18. you should move the image and make it so it dosn't repeatto make it not repeat: body {background-repeat: no-repeat;} to make it centered: body {[i]*with prev. code inserted*[/i] background-position:center; }
  19. i get a '404' error...! then I cannot view it!
  20. htmlcoder

    Link A Shape

    if you have dreamweaver, it has a basic image mapper in it, that i've discovered.
  21. yeah, that is a easy problem to have, you can always PM me if you have a question with HTML or CSS, im good enough to help ya..
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