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  1. GH4 well that has a quick and easy answer cose im a newbie and ive got no idea but thanx its all been cleared now
  2. great thanx both of you im gona give them both a try see witch effect i like the best
  3. ive looked at the ajax tutorial but it looked like it needed a server to work with, i only want it to load information thats in the domain but maybe its just me not understanding
  4. hiya all, im trying to make my buttons refresh the main part of my page but not reaload the hole page just a part of it but i cant figure out how to do it, ive read the tutorial but still dont know how , my buttons are links not images, any ideas?
  5. ok thanx ill take a look at the tutorial
  6. hiya all another little problem again ,when i click on my links to go to say home page or login, it reloads the hole page, and that isnt necesery, is there any way to make my links only refresh the main body of the page and leave the header and my side links where they are? i hope i explianed my self.PS: i know this can be done with frames but im trying not to use them they mess my page up .thanx in advance.
  7. oh great thanx im gona give that page a look and then im gona try what u said deirdre, sounds a bit complicated tho
  8. well looking in this part of the forum incase i saw something that i had in mind and this is very simular to what i wanted just got no idea how to make that center block with drop down shadow, my question is, is that done in css? if so what makes that "block"shades web pagePS:i dont want to have those animated buttons just the "block", shade hope u dont mind me using ur page as an example of what i want to know how to make :)thanx in advanceEDIT: here is a foto of what i actually want, well something like that: I want a circular menu on top and some links on the left, and the body part of the
  9. great thanx ill try to gain more html and css skills then move on to php thanx for help
  10. Hiya all again,well ive got a few questions that i cant find a straight answer for but im sure someone here on the forum knows the answers so here we go:im planning on making a web based game(mmorpg) i have a basic knoledge of html,css, verybasic php and read threw sql and xml, now i know that a web based game takes a long time specially mmorpg i dont expect miracles, but i do expect dialy progress my questions.1: what languajes will i need to know to make a web based mmorpg, if there are a few for the same function witch do you think would be better.2: to what extent should i learn each of t
  11. hiya all,this is my first post here, im a beginer in css and everything related to web pages so go easy on me, well ive used this in my html file but my image circle has a bright pink background and i cant get rid of it any idea why? ive saved it in gif format and with transparecy activated, remember im new so if you can explain any answer well that would be highly apreciated , heres the code: #circularMenu {padding:0; margin:0 auto; list-style:none; position:relative; width:190px; height:190px; background:#fff url(images/circle.gif) no-repeat;} and heres my gif:thanx in advanceScorpion.EDI
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