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  1. change this peace of you table (marked red), changed the order of the 'td' and removed the margin of the checkbox (you can just find it in the css and delete it)<td> <label for="mod_login_username"> Username </label> <br /> <input name="username" id="mod_login_username" type="text" class="inputbox" alt="username" size="10" /> <br /> <label for="mod_login_password"> Password </label> <br /> <input type="password" id="mod_login_password" name="passwd" class="inputbox" size="10" alt="password" /> <br />
  2. one solution could be to set line-height in the css.
  3. just use css:#link:hover { color:??????; background-color:??????}you can change everything you like this way and you can use that :hover for every tag in the body.
  4. I'm sorry to say that the site doesn't make any sence in every browser i tried.You should tell (show us what it is you want)so we can help you.
  5. you can just use onclick and javascript?why PHP?maybe a link to the site?
  6. First thanks for al the help so far, I'm learning alot from you guys! biggrin.gifNow;I need a script that searches a color (take: #FF3300) and change it everyware in the css file by another color (depending on the img they click).Can a script in the htlm page even search in a seperate css file??
  7. any ideas where to find something like that?
  8. Hi, I don't know if this is suppost to be posted here bu here I go.Could someone get me started on how to do this (maybe a link)?I need some kind of form that sends an email to different persons at a specific time depending on the date of input.So, I have 3 emails written. I would like to have a form that I can fill in the recipient and choose wich mail should be sent to him.The only thing is that the email should be sent to him only 1year after the inputdate.Is this possible?Thanks alot
  9. Hi,I have here http://www.frituurdekouter.be/pages/managecart.html a kind of shoppincart.At each line is 'verwijder' to delete the line from the cart.The problem is that the system remembers the order when you come back for a new one.How can I make it so that the system only remembers the order until the browser is closed or maybe for 2hours??here is the script http://www.frituurdekouter.be/scripts/nopcart.jsShould I change line 376?Thanks alot for the help.This is not my script, I changed it a bit, so i'm not an expert in javascripting.
  10. it are the <a href>-tags that do not inherit the styling of the parent, they never do.Where you have in the css.fh2 { ... }make it.fh2,.fh2 a { ... }That will fix it.
  11. I'm sorry but i'm not very good with javascript. The scripts I use I found on the net and adjusted to my site.I don't really know how to do that 'dom' thing, and in the html there is nothing (only a reference to the script) so what do I do?thanks very much
  12. when you look at this page http://www.frituurdekouter.be/pages/managecart.htmlyou will see hte word 'verwijder' ('remove').That word is put there trough a variable declared in this file http://www.frituurdekouter.be/scripts/language-nl.jsI would like to change that word with an img?Is that possible?
  13. cedric

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    works perfect thanks alot.
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