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  1. wow this turned out to be a huge post...I'm glad I brought it up now.
  2. I'm guessing I probably won't be the only one to receive a personal pm from mignulikz. Don't open it, the link first attempts to use active x to download spyware onto your computer, and if that fails it forwards you to adultfriendfinder. Admin please block this guy at the ip level
  3. So Smashing Magazine today put forward their April fools joke regarding IE 8.1 code named Eagle Eye. In their over the top post they listed the new IE 8.1 would be capable of decompiling server side code. Just being curious but would this ever be possible? It seems like it would create a major security loop hole, but also would provider thousands of examples for newbs to server side coding to work with. After all wouldn't it be nice if you could see the server side stuff going on behind the scenes just like you can easily see the Front End stuff (xHTML, CSS, etc.).Thoughts...?
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