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  1. As it turns out I'm using XSLT to transform XML into HTML and XSLT has its own precision manipulator. I ended up using: <xsl:value-of select="format-number(12, '#.00;-#.00')"/>
  2. I am adding two number together and want to be able to set the precision of my output to 2, so it looks like (12.00) and not (12). How can I do this? Help?
  3. An XML document has an element with an attribute and i'm trying to assign that attribute to a variable in XSLT. Can't remember how to do that. HELP!!XML:<1stElement> <2ndElement type="leaf"> <3rdElement></3rdElement>XSL:<xsl:variable name="type" select="1stElement/2ndElement **What goes here, to link to the attribute of 2nd Element** " />
  4. I'll just say this, the only reason I use Firefox over IE is because IE still doesn't have tabs. You have to open up a new window each time you want a new screen.
  5. Thanks, that helped me as well.
  6. I've used w3schools.com for a long time and just barely notice the forum link on the top right of the page. Didn't even know it existed until yesturday.
  7. Have fun with your program, looks like its coming along, but still have a lot to accomplish.
  8. Thanks for the info. I was actually wanting to learn of a few basic editors like notepad, but for Linux not Windows.I definately agree with the getting to know the code first.I also realized that there is a forum above that has all sorts of editors to use. I must be blind because I didn't see that at first.
  9. W3Schools TutorialIf you've done the above and have the bare minimum for embedding flash into HTML. It should also work for your stylesheet.<embed> will be allowed in XSLT as long as is it allowed in HTML!!
  10. ldodgen

    XSL Editor

    I use Linux and edit my XSL with Kate. Is there a better editor to use?
  11. Whatever happened to good old Emacs and even better Xemacs?
  12. I'm using Linux and was wanting to get a few different ideas for good editors that can be used with html code. Thanks.
  13. ldodgen

    IE/MAC problem

    My personal opinion.Macs were never meant to have IE on them.Microsoft is already trying to take over, lets not help them. LOL.
  14. ldodgen


    That definately sounds exactly like the Internet/Computer classes at my High School. Don't worry the teachers definately get better and more up-to-date as you get into higher education.
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