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  1. An XML document has an element with an attribute and i'm trying to assign that attribute to a variable in XSLT. Can't remember how to do that. HELP!!XML:<1stElement> <2ndElement type="leaf"> <3rdElement></3rdElement>XSL:<xsl:variable name="type" select="1stElement/2ndElement **What goes here, to link to the attribute of 2nd Element** " />

  2. Thanks for the info. I was actually wanting to learn of a few basic editors like notepad, but for Linux not Windows.I definately agree with the getting to know the code first.I also realized that there is a forum above that has all sorts of editors to use. I must be blind because I didn't see that at first.

  3. That definately sounds exactly like the Internet/Computer classes at my High School. Don't worry the teachers definately get better and more up-to-date as you get into higher education. :)

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