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  1. It is always great to stick with standards.With validators it is not a tough task after all.You will get great results for the small pain that you take to standardize your code.atleast your pages wont break in FF in mac in linux etc.may be the entire web should use html 4.01 strict.
  2. The links does follow also.It took me to http://tektempinstruments.thomasnet.com/vi...?&forward=1 as shown in the status bar.I do not know why this is done so.If i understand things correctly the links now leads you to thomasnet.com.I do not know why things are done in this way.The contact information and mail links given seems to guide one to tektempinstruments.As i understand the clicks now leads to thomasnet.com.If that is not what you want you should change it.atleast that will save you some bandwidth since now thomasnet.com will pay for it.
  3. look closely at the source code of http://nsel.cee.illinois.edu/website2008up...acility/siw.htm.The css files included for ff and ie are different and there paths in file system is also different.ff path is correct while ie path is wrong.
  4. Can you give the complete source for the page.
  5. The <p> tag in ie seems to add more space that ff.This is also visible if you look at the text inside the region.space introduced by <p> tag is more in ie. I believe this makes content to folow outside in ie.may be you can just replace the <p> tag with a <div>Then there will not be any space between the text and image below it.So you can add padding or even just override <p> tag properties as suggested by IngolmeSimilarly <h1> adds little bit of padding around the text. This is different across browsers.In addition you have specified 5px padding for the region.This is exactly the problem that CSS tries to solve.tags like <h*> and <p> just tells that this is a heading and not that i need 8px padding around it.
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