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  1. fabs

    Dinamic Page

    i ever see a website and in the url bar there is "article.php?id=1"and if we would like to change to another article we just change an id number.how to make like that???
  2. What is a tag to display a html code in the html page.
  3. i made a script to read a string in pass.txti use fgets(file).why i cannot use count_chars() to get a statistic char for a string in a handling file?
  4. fabs

    Session Error

    i have made the script above andit still gotan error
  5. fabs

    What This Error Mean

    problem fixedthanks a lot
  6. fabs

    What This Error Mean

    above is the source code of proses.php i did not declare hurufa() more than one times. hurufa() just nested in plaintext() function.and i use plaintext() at the end of the source more than one time.and it result an error.
  7. fabs

    Session Error

    i made a session script like this but it result an error like this how to solve this problem????
  8. fabs

    What This Error Mean

    i made a function and i use that function ten times to get several output.but just the first output successand the second till ten ouput result an error like thisFatal error: Cannot redeclare hurufa() (previously declared in /var/www/PM1 coder/proses.php:12) in /var/www/PM1 coder/proses.php on line 12anybody knows what the error above mean???
  9. fabs

    <object> Tag

    how to change it??
  10. fabs

    hai, jesh thanks for your help

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