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  1. Hey thanks mate!It was a quick job so I am pleased. I basically took the CSS from a wordpress theme I'm building now edited it a bit and this turned out.You know that you always should design for the target audience?Well that's exactly what I did, a big picture there, white behind the text...basically what a computing professor would want from what our professor told us PS I would have done a diagonal background...seems that I forgot about it, too late know anyways because I already handed in the CD.Edit Oh I totally forgot to validate also.1 error in the XHTML 1.0 Transitional! code - this is great without even checking the job out This is the CSS Validator...what the ###### is wrong with it??
  2. Site Name: The name has nothing to do with the websiteSite Description: A website for a school project. I hope I get a 10 Site Owner/Developer: Me Site Address: loop44Extra Comments: I will change it on Friday because then is the final examination so no use to keep it afterwards...so from then I will probably make it a blog.
  3. Taviii


    Looks good!Here are some things that I would change though:-the main menu links are a little hard to see, I would put them on the blue area that is above them and of course change the colour so that they are visible on a blue background.-the content is a little hard to read, maybe put a little more space between the letters-the "Welcome" word seems out of place there, maybe it would be better if the first word from the text was Welcome and the text would start at the same level as the menu on the left. Same thing for the "testimonials" word, it seems useless there.I really like the colours, they are kind of warm (except for the ones on top) and thats a nice pick for a target audience formed by mostly women, although some more dynamic colours would be more encouraging for beginning fitness Good job!
  4. Its nice and simple and I like that, but it lacks graphics. You could use a nice picture for a header etc.
  5. That's a million dollar advice right there :)Photoshop is important for image creation and manipulation, you should really learn to use it and also it is fun to play around in it.
  6. The first one definitely looks better, it has an aura of professionalism on it. The pink one looks like a little girls blog.
  7. If I understood you question right then you are searching for: overflow: auto; Here is an example of how I used it for the content to scroll in a div layer: example
  8. You can use http://www.dot.tk/
  9. What about code that validates? Does it make a difference? Everyone knows that google.com has about 50 errors so it would be logical that it shouldnt really matter, well except if your code is so bad that the robots cant crawl your site.
  10. Taviii

    Amazing sites

    I think Flash is the easy way for doing websites...I say that because I am literally tired of seeing Flash designes. There are just so many of them It is a lot harder to make a nice original design just by using CSS for the layout, that's why I think people from the csszengarden (random pick) should get more praise.Some are cool though like the ones on coolhomepages or these templates
  11. I found it on another forum in a thread with resources for learning webdesign. I can even give you the exact link to it, although it happened more then 1 and a half years ago, but you probably wont understand it because its a romanian forum
  12. Taviii

    Where are you?

    From what I know there are a lot of webdesigners from Eastern Europe around the internet, but like someone else said this forum is not as known as the main site with the tutorials.
  13. Taviii

    check it out

    Wow, is that c++ or what?And whats it suposed to be? a game or...?
  14. I dont want to look arrogant and I am by no means better than Skemcin but his last design in his portfolio is from "summer 2005" and he still used tables for the layout. Thats a little outdated. If I learned something from all this webdesign world its that you have to constantly learn something new to keep the pace. I'm also learning how to make CSS based layouts and I think thats what all of us should do.Oh and yeah I would like to be a pro webdesigner
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