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  1. I actually made a video with this in mind as I run all my sites with ONE host, I use godaddy, but if you are to run multiple sites on one host account you need the deluxe, the basic only allows for 1 domain name, check my video out and see what I mean
  2. GODADDYThey are who I use, they answer their phones, have a damn good hosting package , I was with the 3.99 but upgraded to the deluxe 6.99, so I now have 3 of my domain names developed on ONE hosting account, the 3.99 one only allows 1 name to be hosted. I have My web building site My little puppy Credit card related site are all on the same host or root folder. I own many domain names but only have these 3 built right now.The rest are cash parked on google.Give the daddy a try, you will love it.
  3. hey, I too am a musician. I make my own music as well, www.myspace.com/billybacklashOne thing you could do is use Paypal, this way you are safe and paypal has a subscription service, but even better than that, once the user pays for your music through paypal, paypal will redirect them to a page that you specified, I suggest passwording it and not allow googlebot to index the page lol. This is a damn near FREE solution to your problem. There are services out there that do this for artist but I am a greedy guy and don't want ANYONE sticking their fingers in my money!Good luck and post back when
  4. I done this years ago with IIS, never tried Apache, although it IS FREE. I ran my website for about 7 months and never had an issue and it was a lot of fun, I had as I do now, 4 computers, so dedicating one JUST for a webserver was no issue.One of my favorite things about this is space, as I ran a video server where people could download my videos, (I used to film bands) http://www.youtube.com/madvideos101 , now I use youtube.The only benefit of having your own server at home is you'd save a couple dollars. Is 3.99 a month really too much? I rent a 6.99 deluxe package at Godaddy now and that I
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