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  1. I can't see your site at work. But basically add padding-left: 10px;
  2. Your image is in the same folder as the web page you are coding?Is the image name in the src attribute exactly the same as the image you want to display?
  3. You need to enter the path to the image file. Have the image in the same location as your web page and then in the src type src="imagename.jpg". Should work.
  4. I didn't realize clickedElement wasn't a function in JS. Anyway I got it to work thanks a lot
  5. Yes it helped.The problem is your <i> element in your first <ul> and then is closed at the end. You should do this: <li><i>text</i></li> for each instead. I validated and no more errors.
  6. What DTD does the validator indicate you are using?
  7. . is a class selector.While type selectors target every instance of an element, class selectors can be used to select any HTML element that has a class attribute, regardless of their position in the document tree.http://css.maxdesign.com.au/selectutorial/...ctors_class.htm> is a child selector.A child selector is used to select an element that is a direct child of another element (parent). Child selectors will not select all descendants, only direct children.http://css.maxdesign.com.au/selectutorial/...ctors_child.htm* is a universal selector.Universal selectors are used to select any eleme
  8. So I added aspnetguys line and I get this error: Error: clickedElement is not defined. var parent = clickedElement.parentNode;parent.style.color = red;
  9. vchris


    I have used this function before to get the French month and day names. Worked pretty good. I'm not sure how it would work with numbers though...
  10. Thanks I'll try that when I get a chance.
  11. vchris


    Just realized something, by adding a space between thousands, if the number is in a cell it'll wrap. I changed the space to Now it is perfect
  12. I am trying to make some modifications to a script. This page has many bullet lists. When you click on the first level bullet it opens the second level and second level opens the third level, you reclick them and they close they're proper level. What I wanna do is when open the + icon in front should be a - icon and then when collapse it should return to a +. Currently it's static, set with css on the li element.Is there a way with JS that I can select the parent element of the item clicked? The link in the bullet is what makes the bullet expan or collapse but I need to add the style to the pa
  13. vchris


    Implemented successfully! ...but the dark side is so much more powerful!
  14. vchris


    Wow thanks a lot! I appreciate your help. I'm integrating your script.
  15. vchris


    Number format is working good for me in English but in French I need to have spaces between thousands and commas instead of dots. The numberformat function does not have any French options. Is there a way for me to do this?
  16. What is the best way to create this?
  17. vchris


    If you ask me it's not. I only use it because that what is setup at work. I'd much rather use PHP over CF. CF is a simpler language than PHP and ASP that's for sure, it's tag based. Instead of writing your whole connection string, it's basically one tag. That's what I love about it. The support isn't as good as php. There's the Macromedia Coldfusion Reference files and stuff but it's kinda limited in what they show you. You really need to buy a book if you want to learn it.
  18. I have an image map on a big image. I can have from 3-8 hover areas on a large image. Is there a way with css to have the rect area have a dashed border around it? I tried plain css.area {border: 1px dashed #FF0000;}and didn't work. Maybe with JS?
  19. That's what I do since in most cases I don't wanna image borders. This way the code is even cleaner. Then if you really need a border on a certain image, simply create a class that will add a border to your image.
  20. vchris


    I'm kinda getting tired of all these outages and IPS Drive Error. I'm not even surprised to see those errors anymore. I think it's time for you guys to find a better hosting service. These guys don't seem very reliable.
  21. Any idea why I can't login on facebook? When login in it says: Anyway to fix this?
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    Dude you should create your XSL topics in the XSLT forum! Tired of seeing those in the general forum.
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