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  1. You won't find much premade scripts for this. I suggest starting a php tutorial and writing the script yourself. Best way!http://w3schools.com/php/default.asp
  2. either make your website adjustable (width in %) or make it smaller fixed width (780px wide).
  3. Then it's probably way too complicated...You'll need to use a server side scripting language (asp, php or coldfusion...) and a database to keep all the posts and stuff.
  4. vchris

    Screen Res

    As per the stats for my website about 80%+ of the people use 1024x768. At work I use 2 17" monitors at 1024x768 each. At home I have a dell 20" 1680x1050.
  5. So after talking with the database admin and the CF admin. It seems like there is 2 DBs that are almost the same (some tables are not in the other). I'm able to use only 1 DB, when in dev I use one and when live I use another. I used a simple if statement in my application.cfm. Works great! :)Thanks for the help anyway guys.
  6. That's what I meant. I rarely see other ways used, except for colour names.
  7. corner_sub_tr.gif is fine since I was able to see it with the web developer toolbar in firefox. It must have something to do with your coding.Is there a class to the grey that is not showing? which one?
  8. This should fix your problem. Your class selection in css was incorrect that's why you didn't see any changes. Your style attribute in your div element can be moved to your stylesheet. Colour values in css need a # in front.HTML <div class="baselinks"><a href="">Home</a>|<a href="">About Us</a>|<a href="">Contact</a></div> CSS div.baselinks {position:absolute; top:2px;left:822px; width:166px;}div.baselinks a:link, div.baselinks a:active, div.baselinks a:visited {font-family: verdana;font-size: 8pt;color: #000080;text-decoration: none;font-weig
  9. Which background color is not showing?Are the image name correct? Is the path correct? The relative path you set is relative to the stylesheet.
  10. vchris

    Opinions ?

    Why double posting? http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=13942If you did some updates you should simply reply to your original topic.
  11. Javascript is the answer. Do a search I have answered this question before. It's a very simple script.
  12. So even though the datasource name is xxxxxx in cfquery, I could still connect to datasource yyyyyy when linked?
  13. But how would I do a UNION with 2 databases (not 2 tables)? Still 2 queries right?
  14. The data will change a bit. What is the UNION you mean?
  15. I had no idea I could query a query. Thanks for the info. I'll try that as soon as I have the time.
  16. But doesn't a union statement create a query with 2 tables not 2 databases? Basically I have a column in a database that I need for my query and the other columns are in another database. How can I create a query that will display them in a single HTML table? I'm guessing 2 cfquery since 1 cfquery can only connect to 1 database but then how can I make sure the results from one query are correctly associated to the other query?
  17. Well I can't do much on the DB side since I don't have the rights. In about a year I'm supposed to redo this query site so this is sorta like a small update. So how would I put the 2 queries together (seem like 1 query/table)?
  18. I use accents every day in my web pages. I use a normal DTD and charset (XHTML transitional) and use the html entities (é) to make sure the accents are accessible by everyone.You can live them like that in your html code. No special character encoding is required.Use the entities if you don't want other people viewing your page view some odd text which might not be é when it should be.
  19. Did you mean using 1 table for everything? If so I'd recommend not to. Everytime you query for something it'll have to check your complete table. You should have 1 table for the user info (user id, user name, password, account creation date...) another one for the emails/PM (user id matching user id, message id, message content, title, date, from, to, ...) another for user contacts (user id, contact id, first name, last name, address, phone...)
  20. I'm using ColdFusion and SQL. I need to connect to 2 SQL databases on the same server with the same user name and password. Is the best way to do this to create 2 separate queries, independent of each other? This query is used to populate 1 html table.
  21. RESOLVEDThe new database created for this year had a different structure than the previous year. The solution was that we took last years DB and updated it with new data. It's still pretty weird the way it still worked...
  22. weird today I got a new message when I got to your site. My work filtering system is warning (still have access). It says: The Websense category "URL Translation Sites" is filtered. I noticed you added text on the homepage but did you change the meta data?
  23. vchris

    Which logo?

    +53242!!!voted for #4.
  24. I don't have any access to the CF panel or the CF server but I will let them know about the cache.
  25. That would explain some of the data we've been getting. The DB administrator thought about that also. I got a meeting tomorrow about this problem so I'll ask my boss to look into clearing the CF cache from the CF admin panel.
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