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  1. What do you think about my report?
  2. I've been wanting to launch a classifieds website for years. I know it's a pretty flooded market right now. There's classifieds website popping up everywhere. I find the current classifieds website too busy and some are just crap. You can hardly find what you typed in the search.What if I built the site to be simpler than current website kind of like the google search page. The search box would be the main focus. I would also have newest ads displayed and the categories could be browsed on the homepage. I would be using a modified version of the classipress template for wordpress.I'm thinking
  3. Website Reviewed: http://krom-bg.net/FontsObservations Fonts are compatible with all operating systems and browsers.ColorsObservations Your color contrast is excellent, the text is easily readable.Cross-browser compatibilityObservations Table on http://krom-bg.net/trucks/ is wider than the layout.Recommendations Have the text in the 3rd column wrap.(X)HTML ValidObservations http://krom-bg.net/ Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict http://krom-bg.net/trucks/Invalid 2 errors http://krom-bg.net/engineering/Invalid 10 errors http://krom-bg.net/about/Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict http://krom-bg.net/contacts/In
  4. Currently reviewing http://krom-bg.net/If I get interest, I will design a basic review tool in python.
  5. I'm starting a website reviewing business and I'm looking for some experience and feedback regarding the website reports I provide. These reports include all of the following points: Fonts Colors Cross-browser compatibility (X)HTML valid CSS valid JavaScript valid Metadata Broken links Page weight Web accessibility (WAI) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) If you would like your website reviewed, go ahead and post your url. I would like you to review my report once I have completed the review of your website. Also, remember I am alone in this so don't expect the reports to be completed within a
  6. I'm asking myself if I require Wordpress for the project I have in mind. This website will have about 5 pages and maybe a blog I'm not sure (forget about the blog for now). Here are the questions I am asking myself: How easy is it to code dynamic stuff (php) in WP? Is it possible to add an extra item in the users control panel to display my own content? Can I change the navigation display (blog stuff) depending on the page?
  7. How do I go about implementing caching?I tried putting <cfcache action="cache" /> as the first line on my results.cfm page. The performance doesn't seem to be improved and no .tpm files seems to be created.
  8. I haven't yet tried caching but I'm curious to see if putting the query inside a structure instead of looping the query many many times.
  9. Caching right?How would it work if the data displayed is always different? I currently have 4 years available (2004-2007). In total I have about 1500 rows of data. Are you asking me to cache the whole 1500 rows and then only display the required rows depending on the search entries? How would that work? The first time it loads before caching will take ages.
  10. I'm redesigning the website and DB at work. Here's how it works.I changed the DB so all the data is in one table, instead of 2-3 previously. I also changed the unique id to a no unique ids. Now the ids are the gid combined with the year field. This will give you 1 row. This way any table can be updated or reloaded from scratch without any unique id issues.The problem is when attempting to generate of the results table. There's 26 different substances. Here's a sample: CO2, N2O, CH4, HFC, PFC, SF6. HFC and PFC make up of many sub-substances.Show Substance:Identify which substance to display (if
  11. I downloaded flashfxp and that seems to work but I'm curious to see if fireftp can do it.
  12. I've been using fireFTP for years. It's great!At home I have my computer I work on and a server for testing my apps. When on my computer, I would like to be able to FTP from my web dev server to my live server.FireFTP is saying "You do not have the appropriate permissions or directory does not exist". Everyone has access to the server. What is necessary for me to be able to do this?
  13. Nice! Actually my work is sending me to school to learn .net so I guess I should be able to get DW as well. Can you get photoshop cs4 also?
  14. Looks good! How's the search and replace in eclipse? Is it comparable to Dreamweaver? I might try it.
  15. I get it but I'm still kinda new to the cfcomponent concept. I find php easier with classes.
  16. I don't see how it would print your query out unless there's more code that you're not showing us. Anything within a cfquery shouldn't be displayed.
  17. vchris

    Image Viewer

    I was able to fix my white dots problem. It seems like IE has a bug with transparency and colour 02050a. So I replaced that colour with black and it works.
  18. vchris

    Image Viewer

    I'm looking for an image viewer. I've tried thickbox and lightbox they don't seem to be what I'm looking for. Lightbox is causing white dots to appear on my thumbnails in IE7, fine in Firefox. Thickbox resizes my images when they are too big and it screws up all the text in them. I removed the resize feature but then I can't scroll up and down.Any other option out there?
  19. I'm working on a cfcomponent application. I currently have 2 functions in my cfcomponent. My first function is getData which queries the DB and takes 2 arguments. My second function is buildTable which builds a table out of the query from getData. The problem I have is I get the error "Variable MYTABLE is undefined". myTable is created in my buildTable function. <cfinvoke component="emissions" method="getData" returnvariable="myTable"><cfinvokeargument name="year" value="2007" /><cfinvokeargument name="location" value="BC" /></cfinvoke><cfdump var="#myTable#" />
  20. I've been reading a couple of php login scripts. It seems like it's really easy to create security holes. I found this one (http://www.mtdev.com/2002/07/creating-a-se...hp-login-script) which seems pretty secure. I'm trying to implement it and it's pretty complex. I already have 2 classes in my application and it complicates things. I'm kinda new to classes as well. What kind of script do you use for secure login/session/cookies?
  21. That's nice! I already have 4-5 functions for the DB. One for connecting, disconnecting, querying (select), updating, deleting and escaping. What I was referring to is the query itself. The SELECT * FROM [table]. I've heard I should be keeping that outside of the php file and have all these queries in 1 file.EDIT: I just read the last line in your post. I see what you did but then where do you get the query?
  22. SOLVEDThe issue was the session_start(); line. I removed it and it works fine. It was used on another version of my search.
  23. I am working with php, mysql and the smarty template engine. Currently I have 1 template file and 1 php file. My queries are in the php page. I'd like to have all my queries in a separate query file. Basically 1 php file with all my queries for the whole site.I'm trying to understand how it would work. Some of those queries require user entered data to execute the query. Some queries require 3 variables, some require 1... Would I create a class or a function? A function for each of the queries?
  24. How do you remove the form postback popup? If I do a search in a form I get to the results page. If I do a back and then a forward I get the form postback pop up. I've seen some websites that don't have that. How would I go about removing it?
  25. vchris


    I'm trying to count the number of items in a given category or subcategory. MySQL SELECT `cxs_cat_id`, `cxs_subcat_id`, `cat_name_e`, `subcat_name_e`, COUNT(item_id) AS `total_items`FROM `items`, `cat_x_subcat`, `categories`, `subcategories`WHERE `cxs_cat_id` = `cat_id` AND `cxs_subcat_id` = `subcat_id` AND `item_cxs_id` = `cxs_id`GROUP BY `cxs_cat_id`, `cxs_subcat_id`, `cat_name_e`, `subcat_name_e`ORDER BY `cat_name_e` Output * General (1) o Electronics (1) * Vehicles (1) o Cars (1) o Trucks (1)I seem to only be getting 1 (in parenthesis) as the count. I ha
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