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    Best Php Editor

    I've been working with Dreamweaver for a long time. I'm getting fed up with the bugs it has. I realized that Dreamweaver is good for programming in any language but it isn't the best. Every new release it's getting heavier and heavier. I've started a PHP/MySQL and Smarty project recently and I'm looking for a great PHP editor. I've tried Dreamweaver CS4, phpDesigner and NuSphere and they all seem to be a bit buggy or missing some features.
  2. How about Notepad++? :)Why so big font? Just get any editor. Notepad, Dreamweaver... You don't need xhtml support. Know your stuff and you won't need any support.
  3. vchris

    Autotrader Website

    I want to create a website kind of like the auotrader.com website.Here is the database design I came up with. Let me know what you think.Trader DBMakes Table:make_idmake_namemake_date_createdmake_date_modifiedmake_date_deletedmake_deletedModels Table:model_idmodel_namemodel_detailmodel_date_createdmodel_date_modifiedmodel_date_deletedmodel_deletedVehicles Table:vehi_idvehi_yearvehi_mileagevehi_colourvehi_pricevehi_descvehi_date_createdvehi_date_modifiedvehi_date_deletedvehi_deletedAds Table:ad_idad_descad_phonead_emailad_date_createdad_date_modifiedad_date_deletedad_deletedRegions Table:reg_idreg_namemake_x_model_x_vehi_x_ad Table:mxmxvxa_idmxmxvxa_make_idmxmxvxa_model_idmxmxvxa_vehi_idmxmxvxa_ad_idmxmxvxa_reg_idmxmxvxa_deletedUsers Table (only admin for now):user_iduser_nameuser_pwuser_emailuser_leveluser_date_createdUser_date_deleteduser_deleted
  4. something like find()? it will search for the occurrence of a string.
  5. I recently installed XAMPP on my server. Everything is running well. I then installed ColdFusion 8. Coldfusion pages seem to be parsed great. The only problem I seem to have is accessing the CF admin panel. All I get is a prompt to download ../CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm. But if I have a CF test page in the root of my webserver docs, it's parsed no problem. Any idea?
  6. These are lists not arrays.
  7. oh oh got another problem.See I have this drop down that is populated with this coldfusion list I created. Then when a selection is made a list of links appears underneath the drop down that the user can click on to go view a certain document.So I have:<cfset sectorList = ListAppend(sectorList, "iron,_steel_and_limenite_smelting","!") /><cfset iron,_steel_and_limenite_smelting = '<a href="##">link 1</a>,<a href="##">link 2</a>' />but the comma is not accepted in a variable name. Basically I have the drop down option value equal to the coldfusion variable. All the option in my drop down have a list of their own links. I'm not sure if this is the best way to do this but I thought it was simpler than arrays and easier to update. If you have a better way of doing this let me know.
  8. Yeah I just tried it out and it doesn't work. See for yourself:<cfset myList = "john#chr(44)# test" /><cfloop index="i" list="#myList#"> <cfoutput>#i#</cfoutput></cfloop>Could I change the default delimiter to something else?EDIT:I got it! I replaced the default delimiter by a !. It works perfectly.
  9. I currently have a mssql database which we are moving over to our new server which only supports mysql databases. I tried the mysql migration toolkit but it seems to only take online databases. My database is offline on my computer at the moment.Anyone have a solution? I'm not really looking into buying a converter.
  10. I have a list and one of my list entries has a comma. How do I escape a comma in a list?Example of the entry:<cfset sectorList = ListAppend(sectorList, "iron,_steel_and_limenite_smelting") />
  11. vchris

    xml xsl php tutorial

    yeah... I got much to learn about xml
  12. I know how xml and xsl work, it's when it comes to including php in the mix. How is the documents supposed to look? Can you have includes such as navigation.xml, header.xml and footer.xml like I do in php. I've been looking at tutorials but it's still not really clear to me how it works. I just want to separate presentation from the code. Some pages also draw from the database. If you know of a very good tutorial website on the combination of these 3 technologies let me know. If someone is running this kind of setup on a small website I'd like to see how it works, maybe provide sample pages.
  13. I have a problem. At work I'm working with some large data tables, about 1500px wide, and they can't really be cut in pieces. The problem I have is my website container is only 600px, which I cannot modify. So in firefox it's not that bad, it overflows outside of the div and everything is visible. In IE6, all the content area is wrapped below the left navigation. I'm kinda restricted to what I can do because of work standards. Let me know what solution you guys have.I thought of overflow: scroll; but that wouldn't be accepted here.
  14. I clicked on learn xml and then a couple links on the left and it all worked. It seemed a bit slow to load.
  15. vchris

    Domain Name

    home > portfolio > any projectIf you click on any project you'll come to the project page and you can leave a comment.
  16. vchris

    Domain Name

    I've updated my website a bit. Users can now leave comments.
  17. fdisk with a boot disk.Download any OS boot disk on a floppy or cd. Then type fdisk at the prompt.http://www.bootdisk.com
  18. Let us know. I'm interested in to know how it runs. You've been using Ubuntu before?
  19. vchris

    Domain Name

    I'm redesigning my website. It was a bit too dark for some. Here's a sample of what I'm working on. I'm open to feedback.2nd sample
  20. What is the code required to remove all attributes except for colspan and rowspan? I got this:\swidth="?[0-9]+"?|\sheight="?[0-9]+"?|\salign="?.*"?|\svalign="?.*"?|\sstyle=['|"](.|\s)*['|"]|\snowrap|\sclass="?.*"?|\slang="?.*"?|\sxml:lang="?.*"?The only problem I have with this line is the line returns in the style attribute, \s doesn't seem to work.
  21. HTML-Kit is a nice little program. It's light which is fast and as powerful as dreamweaver with it's plugins. HTML Tidy cleans up the Word HTML but not as much as I need. I'm creating a plugin to do the rest of the work
  22. Can I do batch jobs with this program? Will it automatically clean the html create by MS word?edit: forgot to mention free!
  23. Anyone know of a great script that convert word files to valid xhtml? I don't like programs people create, they're usually slow and I can't put any custom stuff in there. A small script in coldfusion or other server side language could do the job a lot faster and could be customized easily. I'm converting large documents with large tables, images, table of contents, graphics...
  24. vchris

    Firefox 3

    So who downloaded the new Firefox? I installed it yesterday. A few add-ons weren't compatible but the most important are working. I love the new Firefox. Finally fixed that memory leak issue, I like the new address bar, the drag and drop feature. yay mozilla!!
  25. vchris


    Perfect!Thanks Chris.
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