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  1. How can I explode every character in a string? I want to add dashes in a phone number if there aren't any. If I get something like 1231231234, I want it to become 123-123-1234. I figured exploding the string would be one way but I can't find out how to explode everything. If there is a better let me know.

  2. That would be one way of doing it. I was thinking of a way to get a feed from UPS or some other company to get the cost for the shipping.edit: On another note. When checking out, I ask the customer to enter his shipping name/address and also his billing name/address. The problem is that this database doesn't support that or it would be complicated. Should it just be 1 name but 2 addresses (shipping/billing)?

  3. Ok so then if I use your method with 2 address lines then I wouldn't need the city, zip code, country field right? What should the 2 line hold? Line1: 1 Test Street, Line2: ?

  4. I'm almost seeing the end of this project but have 2 questions.In my oe_product_attribute table I added pra_special_flag, pra_special_start_date, pra_special_end_date. Then if I want to display products on special, I simple check the pra_special_flag. The problem is how can I have the pra_special_flag change to 0 when the pra_special_end_date is passed?skemcin: you know how I have the cu_address table with adr_line1 and adr_line2. Wouldn't it be better to have one field for each line information (street number, street name, apartment, province/state...)?

  5. For the time you spend discussing, planning, creating the website it's not worth it. It'll take you what maybe 3-5 hours from start to end. Which is as low as $6/hour. Hmmm no thanks I'll stick with my $30/h.

  6. For example, if on 2009 we will have no more access to the web (all around the world, nobody!), what will be happen in your opinion?
    Are you saying you plan on taking over the interweb in 2009? That's terrorist talk! :)
  7. If those people are your clients, shouldn't you be designing a CMS for them to do such (text editing) changes?
    hmmm yes but some of those were at my old work place where this guy was helping me and he didn't even know what he was doing :)Some others are not interested in paying for a site so they try to do it themselves.
  8. lolI'm just saying I've met a lot of people who wanted changes done to a page but didn't even know what html was. DW would be the tool I would recommend for them to use. But if you're into programming then I wouldn't recommend any wysiwyg editors unless you don't want to get better at what you do.

  9. How would I then insert a new product? I know I have to do my insert in the products table first so I can then query for the new product id which I will then enter in the media and attribute table. But can I have a select statement in my insert statement?

  10. Not sure if php can do this but I managed to do an if statement in my while loop. If the category name is the same as the previous category name then don't display it. Works but there is probably a better way to do this...

  11. How would I display this:category 1item 1item 2category 2item 1...Here's what I have:

    $getAcc = "SELECT prd_id, prd_name_e, cat_name_eFROM oe_product, oe_product_category, oe_product_x_categoryWHERE prd_id = pxc_prd_idAND pxc_cat_id = cat_idGROUP BY cat_idORDER BY cat_name_e";


    $getAcc = "SELECT prd_id, prd_name_e, cat_name_eFROM oe_productJOIN oe_product_x_category ON prd_id = pxc_prd_idJOIN oe_product_category ON cat_id = pxc_cat_idGROUP BY cat_name_eORDER BY cat_name_e";

  12. I'm in the Ottawa area. I don't care if I lose my job, I know I can find one within hours. I always have agencies call me all the time for jobs. They're not great jobs but still I know I'll always have money coming in. That doesn't include my side projects for clients.

  13. I would think that when deleting a category it should delete all products. That doesn't mean you can't then move those products to another category. I could probably have an option to move all products in category being deleted to a new category or something, I don't know. Do you have a better idea?

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