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    Variables Limits

    Hmmm.. I'm not sure about that because imagine all those huge php applications, I'm sure they must have more than 17 variables.Does it matter which variable you take out?
  2. vchris

    Code Problem

    Add the style "margin: 0;" to your body tag in your css. This will remove the default margin in your document. Thus your divs will be equal. I have tested this.You should consider having all the properties of h1 for example in one location. h1 { color: white; background: #000000; }Your CSS will be smaller and cleaner.
  3. As per W3schools standards <object> should be used instead of <embed>
  4. You should still be able to use notepad or any other text editor (Word, Wordpad, ...). There is a topic that mentions free text editors to download. I would recommend getting IE for testing purposes. I have no idea if it works on a MAC. I'm not a MAC guy.
  5. XHTML is a lot like HTML with a couple differences. Every element that doesn't have a closing element should be closed with />. There are also a couple other attributes and tags that should be used. I would recommend reading it, it shouldn't take much time. Then try and make an xhtml page and validate it with w3schools.
  6. Found a couple things:1) In front of your table tag you have a <center> tag and it's not closed at the end. I recommend simply putting align="center" in your table tag.2) Those <% ... %> comments should be <!-- ... -->3) You never specify the width or height in any cell. Your images should all be background images with a height and width for the cell and image.Now it should work.
  7. hmmm... no it doesn't. I copied your code and added a width of 750px and it's not centered.
  8. vchris

    Code Problem

    First of all, div1 is not a tag. I suggest changing the class for that div to something unique for that div. Why do you have a 1 cell table in your div? It doesn't do anything. You can remove it and add the padding in the div instead.
  9. body { text-align: center; } /* centers in IE */#container { margin: 0 auto; } /* centers in everything else */
  10. They might just be saying the same thing about us on their forum
  11. Well how does it work on your page? When users type your url do they go directly on your chat room page?If not well only the link that goes to that chatroom just add "#achorname" without the quotes.
  12. vchris


    Here is an example of how to create your list:This is a regular list which I'm sure you've done before. I added the class="nobullets" so it is unique and can be easily modified with CSS.HTML:<ul class="nobullets"><li>smileys</li><li>laffytaffy</li><li>bun b.</li></ul> .nobullets means the <ul>, so I am removing the margins which is on top and bottom of the list and the padding which is on the left. Then .nobullets li means the <li> of the <ul> with class nobullets. list-style-type: none; removes the bullets.CSS: .nobullets { margin: 0; padding: 0; }.nobullets li { list-style-type: none; } That's all!
  13. Only way I would know to do that is with anchors (link to a specific place within your page). Basically in your php page in your iframe your place the following code: <a name="linkname"></a>The link that goes to that page should have #linkname added to the end of the link url.Example: <a href="mypage.htm#linkname">my page</a> So once the link is clicked the user would be redirected to that specific location within your page.
  14. style="text-align: left;" should left align your table.
  15. Can anyone answer this question? I need to know when w3c doesn't write anything for IE or NN in the html reference page does that mean it's not supported or if it's supported since first version?
  16. vchris

    css not validating

    I checked my css on w3c and I have no errors but only warnings. Most of them are because there is no background-color specified. Is that normal to have all those warnings?For instance I have: .red { color: #FF0000; }It gives a warning because no background color to .red
  17. You can change the color of all your links with This goes in an external style sheet without the <style> tags or within your html page. External stylesheet is recommended. <style type="text/css">a:link { color: #000000; text-decoration: none; }a:visited { color: #000000; text-decoration: none; }a:active { color: #000000; text-decoration: none; }a:hover { color: #000000; text-decoration: underline; }</style> a:hover is when your mouse is hovers over the link. text-decoration: underline means the link is underlined and none means no underline.
  18. I knew I wasn't the only one hehe
  19. It's an intensive smilies topic!
  20. I will be using PHP for this project so I think the best way is with the variable (simple and easy). I'm just trying to create a template right now.It's awesome! it's a web programming site
  21. God, please punish Scott for laughing at my faith
  22. Because the text will be a definition which is a long sentence which I will repeat for every instance of the word deprecated. If ever I want to change something in the sentence or just remove it, it's a lot easier with JS I believe. Of course I could always do search and replace to modify the sentence.
  23. Maybe I am and guess what my name is Christian! How religious is that ahahah...
  24. I have a word that will repeat itself a couple times and I want that on mouse hover (title) it display the definition. I think the best way is with JS unless you have a better idea.How would I do that? JS:if(document.getElementById.id=='deprecated'){ document.deprecated.title='Deprecated definition';}HTML:<span id="deprecated">Deprecated.</span>
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