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  1. The site for Opera is not bad but it doesn't give any reference for Firefox. Seems like nobody does... I guess it's because it's kinda new.You know when W3schools doesn't write anything for an element like <!DOCTYPE> they don't give any version # for NN and IE, does that mean they were supported when they first came out or if they're not yet supported?
  2. I'm searching for a list of HTML elements supported by firefox and also opera. I've searched on Google but didn't find much. Anyone know a good site where I could get that information?I need a list kinda like the one here. You know where is it says <a>.... 3.0...3.0..
  3. Funny thing happened to me. I type in www.w3school.com and stumble upon a religion site abour christians and all that kinda stuff. I'm like where the ###### is w3school!?!?! lol. I check my history and it's actually w3schools with an "S". Never really paid attention to that s. I'm praying it won't happen again lol. Thank god :)am I religious all of a sudden?
  4. I got a picture scroller like that on my portfolio. Do view source and you'll see the JavaScript code.
  5. I found a page that shows you how to have 2 columns with same height with divs.Here
  6. vchris

    page height 100%

    Thanks for the link Aphotic. This site is cool!
  7. vchris

    Amazing sites

    I don't believe they can. The only thing they can read is your meta data and everything that is outside of the flash animation.
  8. vchris

    page height 100%

    what is this for: "-height: 100%;"
  9. vchris

    page height 100%

    I want my page to be 100% height. Basically no matter how much content there is on the page I want it to always reach the bottom of the page.In my css file I got height: 100%, that works with IE but I don't think it works with the other browsers. Is there a way to this could work with all browsers?
  10. first you need to have php enabled on your server and mySQL or others... You can download styles for your forum on the PHPBB site. Once its installed just access the admin panel from the homepage and you can mod lots of things
  11. vchris

    Amazing sites

    Hey guys! I was browsing for web templates the other day. I found the most amazing templates! You gotta see these sites. TemplateMonster
  12. vchris

    Post website

    Find a hoster that supports ASP pages or you can get your own server. You'll need to get a domain name as well.
  13. vchris

    ASP login

    I did that before but basically when they login you store their userid in a session variable. When they are redirected to their page you do a select statement of their info in a form. When the update button is clicked you update those fields with whatever is in them.
  14. I believe your ob_start(); should be above/////////////////////////////////////////////////// Contact formulier met formherhaling/// Gemaakt door Sebazzz/// xhtml compatible///////////////////////////////////////////It has to be above any output in php.
  15. vchris

    parse error

    Could you paste the part of your css file where you have an error so it's easier for us to help you.
  16. Get a PHPBB2 forum. They're free and no need to know any language.
  17. All these years I've been doing html, css... and never heard of a way to stop that. Even if you set a font size IE will still be able to change them to large and make your design look ugly.
  18. vchris

    HTML Certificate

    I think the best way to study for an HTML test whould be to design a couple sites. There is no better way to learn about HTML in my mind.
  19. spans are mostly for text sections. Making a certain part of the text a different color. Spans are not as powerful as divs.
  20. You can always check google if there is a way of doing this but I've never done this and have tried a couple times. CSS won't allow % and you don't know how tall each page will be...That's why I always sticked with tables in those cases.
  21. <style> tags should only be used within an HTML page not a CSS page. So in your case remove those tags.
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