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  1. I got another one for you lol... My documents are stored in the db and there's different categories for each document, some are in the same category. So here's what I got:Category 1doc 1Category 2doc 2Category 2doc 3I'd like to have: Category 1doc 1Category 2doc 2doc 3I tried using the GROUP BY clause but doc 3 disappeared. I tried also the group in the cfoutput tag but it's the same thing. I checked another document that has a comparable output but it uses a flag to know if it should output the category text. Is that the best way to do this? Isn't there a way with the query to do this? <cfquery name="qryGetDocs" datasource="#dbname#" username="#dbuser#" password="#dbpw#">SELECT d.doc_id, d.doc_name, d.doc_description, c.cat_nameFROM Documents d, Categories cWHERE d.cat_id = c.cat_idGROUP BY d.cat_id</cfquery><cfoutput query="qryGetDocs" ><h3 class="menuheader expandable">#qryGetDocs.cat_name#</h3><p>#qryGetDocs.doc_name#</p></cfoutput>
  2. Thanks! Seems to work great.
  3. It's when it comes to this:<cfelse>(refresh the page, include query string or post back using hidden form)</cfif>How can I reroll without refreshing the page? cfloop?
  4. I wanna use Random numbers (6 digits) as a unique id for each document in the db. I don't want to have a number the same as one already entered. I'm just trying to figure out how I can reroll the number if there is a match. I know that I query for the ids and set the random number. Then in a loop I compare my random number to all ids and if there is a match it should reenter that loop but before that it should reroll. I'm not sure how to go about that. Any tips?
  5. This might sound stupid but I have no idea how to get the last date modified of the current web page I'm viewing. I googled it and could find anything good. Would this still work if my last date modified is in a separate file, footer_e.cfm?
  6. I've started to work on this project again. I have the database setup with no data at the moment. What is the best way to have a unique id that I would generate myself when inserting a new document with a coldfusion page? It should have letters (upper and lower case) and numbers, 10 characters should be enough. I'm thinking or an array with all the values I'd want in this id but it's perhaps not the best way of doing this.
  7. I had no idea md5 was insecure. It's a 128 bit encryption right? So when encrypting I should stick with SHA1? Funny my friend was explaining me that MD5 was very very secure and almost unhackable since it uses special keys or something.
  8. LayoutI like your content area and navigation. The problem is the corners are black and they appear since you have your army style background. If I would be designing your site I would probably have the background black or a dark green or brown (military colours). The footer text isn't really readable with this background image. It's a really simple design but it works.CodeDivs were used instead of tables for the layout, nice. I noticed the meta, title, link were declared twice, like you have 2 heads. They should only be 1. There is no </meta>, your meta tag should end with /> to be xhtml compliant. What is <body spellcheck="false">? Remove the spellcheck attribute since I doubt you use that. I don't know why you used 2 divs for the navigation when this could be easily done with 1 div.
  9. my eyes!I think it needs work. Maybe find a colour scheme for your site. It took a while for your banner and content image to load for me and I have high speed. Find some smoother images than those gradient ones you have. The text will be hard to read. Maybe something light?
  10. Thanks for your responses. I noticed that phpbb is using md5.
  11. I was talking with a friend and he says it would be safer to use a different user for reading from the db and writing to the db. I personally have always used 1 user for all. Is this something you guys do or would recommend doing? First time I hear about it.How secure is md5 encryption?
  12. vchris

    DW Batch S&R

    Thanks but I already created myself a while ago a ColdFusion script that searches and replaces what I need. The problem with that script is it only searches one file at a time which is very slow. The thing is DW is so much more powerful not just because it can replace a <b> tag by a <strong> tag also because it can remove, set, change certain attributes in specified tags and more... It can search opened files, folder, current file, selected code that's why I want to stick with DW. I guess I could change my script to search a folder instead of file, this way it would do most of the work and it would be a lot faster than DW.
  13. vchris

    DW Batch S&R

    I work a lot with Dreamweaver. I usually have to do many search and replace and they're pretty much always the same (change <b> for <strong>, <i> for <em>, <p align="center"> for <p class="alignCenter"> and so on...). I know that in DW I can save a S&R query. I've tested a bit and it seems like I can only save one query at once. So <b> - <strong> is 1 query (file) and <i> - <em> is another query. It doesn't seem like it's possible to load multiple queries at once. I've looked at the code inside a query file and it's pretty simple except when I attempt to include my 2 queries inside one file, it's works but only the last query in the file is executed.Query (b - strong): <?xml version="1.0"?><dwquery> <queryparams matchcase="false" ignorewhitespace="false" useregexp="false" wholeword="false" /> <find> <qtext qname="<b>" qraw="true"></qtext> </find> <replace action="replaceText" param1="<strong>" param2=""/></dwquery> I've tried adding another dwquery element but only the last dwquery element is executed. I also tried adding another queryparams, find, replace elements but still doesn't work.Anyone has any idea if it's possible? Could save me lots of time.
  14. Nice! I got Photoshop CS3 2 weeks ago and I'll be getting Illustrator CS3 some time soon. I'll be able to compare myself.
  15. Which one is better for designing websites?How is the learning curve of Illutrator for someone that has been working with Photoshop for years?Personally, I've only used Photoshop for all my websites but recently I've been told about Illustrator and how it's better for designing logos and websites. Photoshop is better for designing images. Both are kinda similar.
  16. cellspacing and cellpadding do work in Firefox. I use them daily and I've seen no issues. Maybe post that portion of the code? Worst case you could use css (padding).
  17. vchris

    HTML for XBox

    I have an xbox which is possibly moded. It acts as a multimedia center, it plays mp3, movies, pictures from my computer and can access the internet (www) and the mod application provides a browser as well. It's a pain to navigate with since I have to enter each letter with the controller but it can go on the web.
  18. Yeah the most secure way to make form fields required is with a server-side language such as PHP, ASP, ColdFusion... since a user cannot override these pages when properly coded.
  19. yeah as in a degree. I do xhtml, css, javascript, coldfusion, sql, website design, image editing...
  20. I got my job through my school. It was a work term at first. I've been working here for almost 2 years. I'm at the government so they pay pretty well.
  21. Actually there should be lots of files, some 5-10mb and more.
  22. I had a meeting today on this application and it looks like they wanna complicate the app a little bit. Currently, I have this site setup without a DB but with the new updates I'll need to implement a database. This way I can easily manage user groups, documents and more from the DB. I'll also be creating an admin panel for users to add, del, edit docs and add, del, edit categories docs are in... Anyway so it looks like this will be another small challenge. Should be interesting.
  23. I know of a forum about the same size as this one running phpbb2 and it's about 300mb I believe. I don't think the DB is in the GB. Even if it is every hosting company now offers crazy space.
  24. but why does w3schools need invisionZone to host this forum for them? They already host the website so what's hosting a forum...
  25. but post-pone by 8 years... yes of course!!! :)or possibly hacked by Neo?
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