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  1. To create an image you need an image editing program such as: photoshop (one of the best), macromedia fireworks, paint (very basic)...
  2. It is illegal to have a <p> within a <p> tag.Code should be: <p class="inner"> Stuff.... </p> <p class="inner"> More stuff.... </p> Or <div class="outerparagraph"> <p class="inner"> Stuff.... </p> <p class="inner"> More stuff.... </p> </div>
  3. vchris

    Image in CSS

    I would recommend you to go through the CSS tutorial and if you can't find it Google is your friend you know hehe...
  4. Glad I could help you PM me anytime.
  5. Hey, I took a look at your code.Your function selectText() won't work the way it's written. You're trying to select a component within your form (dropmsgform) called text which by what I can see doesn't exist. All I see are divs which contain the code. I see you also have divs with different ids. What you need to do is have something like document.dropmsgform.dropmsg1.select() which should select all the text within that div. So basically depending what option is chosen in your drop down your selectText function should change the number of the dropmsg.To mod: please move into javascript forum.
  6. <center>text</center>If your text is within a table cell <td> you can do <td align="center"> which will center all the content within that cell. I would recommend you to visit the html tutorial on w3schools
  7. vchris


    I just copied your code in a blank html page and it works. So I don't understand why yours wouldn't...Could you post your complete code from one <html> tag to another?
  8. vchris

    xml book

    Thanks for the help boen_robot
  9. vchris

    xml book

    I just find it easier working with a book. I found a good book by O'Really.XSLT Cookbook, 2EThat should be good enough?
  10. vchris

    xml book

    I'm interested in learning XML, XSL, XSL-T, XLink, XPointer, XQuery, XSL-FO and all that wonderful xml stuff. I have read the forums but I find there is not enough info on there. Eventually I'd like to be able to use XML with a MySQL DB.Anyone know any excellent books that covers those subjects?
  11. Yeah I know it's less common but I saw 1 or 2 hosters who supported it. It was a bit more expensive than anything else. But if you're looking to learn server side scripting with ease well coldfusion is good. I didn't start with CF, I started with Java and was kinda hard at first but then got the hang of it and I understood all the rest...You can always start with php or asp and then once you know them well you'll understand all of them. It's all the same, just the syntax changes
  12. vchris

    Web Templates

    Cool! Thanks for the help
  13. ColdFusion is the easiest! It's based on tags just like HTML. That's what I would suggest so you learn how server scripting works and then move on to PHP, ASP...
  14. vchris

    Web Templates

    I watch the show judge judy sometimes and there was a case about eBay. I guy was selling a comic but the guy got ripped off. Since the customer had a copy of the ad he was able to get his money back.I bought a couple things off there and never had any issues.I checked the ad carefully for those templates and it didn't mention any extra fees or 10$/template.
  15. vchris

    stretch background image

    Hey cai,By my knowledge you cannot stretch a background image. Only way is to tile the background image and that would take all the background. Only way is to use an image editing program and change to the desired size.
  16. Only way I would recommend is with tables not divs.
  17. Finally someone said something about it! :)Thanks
  18. vchris

    Image library

    InvisionBoard has an image gallery forum software.
  19. vchris


    Don't know but would be cool to have some...
  20. Full name: Christian VAlternative name(s): vchrisBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 26/05/1984Gender: maleZodiacal sign: GeminiCountry of residance: CanadaCity of residance: ChelseaHeight: 5'11Weight: 160lbsEyes: greenHair: brownSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: no/sometimes/noFavourite Music: rock & alternativeFavourite Movies: Matrix trilogy, LOTR, Scarface, anything science fiction...Interest: Web programming, web design, mountain biking , golf, ...Pets: girlfriend jk :)Additional comments: registered yesterday, nice to meet everyone! nice site!
  21. Cool. So I'll send you the code when I get home. Should be in ~3 hours.
  22. aspnetguy's right. I did that same kinda site a couple months ago. Everything on the site is from the database. I used PHP and mySQL, there is also a bit of javascript for specific pages. If you just learn the basics of javascript you should be fine. If you understand how dynamic languages work, you shouldn't have any problems with PHP. Worst case, I can always help you
  23. Sorry about that. At home I think I still have a CGI script to process forms. It's really simple but it's been so long since I did that. I could always send it to you?
  24. The reason why $_REQUEST is not secure is because for example if I have http://localhost/mysite.php?id=1 and I do $_REQUEST of id then my value is 1. That means anyone who simply adds ?id=1 after the url will be able to access the page and submit the form. With $_GET or $_POST, they get the inputs from the form that was submitted.
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