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    What the heck?

    Yeah I hate MS Frontpage I always code in code view. I like the split view because you can get to a particular location in your page very fast. That's pretty much the only reason I use design view... Other than that it's crap lol. It screws up everything you do. It adds so much code in your page that it doesn't make any sens!Hand-coding rules!
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    HTML editors

    My #1 choice is Dreamweaver 8. I find it's the best! It's just so easy to work with and manage multiple sites. Very easy to do massive search and replace through hundreds of files.At Work I have FrontPage 2003 I don't like it at all...If you don't want to buy any program you can always use Notepad and write your html code by hand. Which is something I would recommend with any HTML editing program because you never get what you want. They always do something wrong lol.So go with Dreamweaver 8 or MX 2004 is just as good.
  3. A background image should not be added in a <tr> tag. In order to have a background image in the background of your 3 cells you can create a table within that bottom cell where you put your 3 cells with your pictures and set your background image in the <table> tag.
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