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  1. I have no idea how to do this in CF...
  2. I have the word doc displaying except it's not really readable. There's a bunch of weird characters. I used cfinclude to display the file but I don't have any header type to supply... The thing is I want the users to be able to download it just like a direct link to the doc not just displaying the doc.I'm looking for a solution to displaying the doc correctly...
  3. vchris

    Domain name

    Skemcin: Your code seems to be working well. The site is not live yet, probably tomorrow but I tested it. I had a question, what does <cfheader statuscode="301" statustext="Moved permanently"> mean? I was wondering if I needed this line in my cfelse.
  4. Ok but by including it, will it look the same as if the user clicked a download link? There is no way to get the path of the included page?
  5. I'm developing this site which will have a couple different logins. These logins will belong to a certain group or province I should say. So for example, the province of Ontario (canada) will login using their login and should only be able to see their documents (webpage, excel, word, powerpoint...) same goes for other provinces and groups. A group or province should not be able to access another ones files. The problem I have with this is if someone knows the url of the excel spreadsheet, what's stopping that person to type it in and open a file that he's not supposed to have access to? So is there a way I can protect these files from being opened just by putting the url in? I am kinda limited with web server settings, is there something I can do with ColdFusion?
  6. vchris

    Domain name

    I'm not quite sure about the web server and I don't have any access to it. I'll be using skemcins method. If they can activate the domain name this week. This site goes public (no password) on monday, yes next monday (dec 10th). Government is so slow omg.
  7. vchris

    Domain name

    This is ColdFusion but shouldn't be too different. So basically in my /index.cfm page I would have to check the Server Name and redirect appropriately right?
  8. vchris

    Domain name

    I have 1 server with 2 websites on it. One is on the root of the server and the other is a sub directory. We have a domain name which we would like to point to the sub directory. Now this guy that has the domain name is saying that he cannot point the domain name to the sub directory, only the server (root site) and that I should be able to have it redirect to the sub directory. Isn't he supposed to be able to point anywhere with his domain name? If not then how do I redirect to the sub dir, since some users will want to go to the root site and others (with that domain name) will want to go to the sub dir site.
  9. What I'd do is use a .htaccess file. I used that on my site and it works great.
  10. vchris

    Subquery not working

    But why would I have to do that? That's why they invented subqueries.
  11. I'm trying to create a subquery but it doesn't seem to be working.$sql1 = "SELECT * FROM db1.table1 WHERE field1=(SELECT post_id FROM db1.table2 WHERE field1=9795)";$result1 = mysql_query($sql1,$dbc1);while($row1 = mysql_fetch_assoc($result1)){ echo $row1['field1'].'<br />';}I get this error:Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in...Both queries work fine by themselves and looks to me like the subquery syntax is fine. Anything I could be missing?
  12. Works great, thank you very much!
  13. How can I connect to 2 databases? I've been looking around and didn't find anything useful...
  14. vchris

    Get page name

    I get way too much :)Don't play with me! I've killed for a lot less
  15. yes... welcome.Thanks for choosing w3schoolsbyyyyyyyye
  16. The forum must have anticipated these signatures!!! The AI's taking over!
  17. vchris

    Get page name

    This was in Feb this year... I figured it out!
  18. It must be the huge signatures in this thread causing all the problems!
  19. It seems like the first time I see this website it crashes. I rarely turn off my work computer. When I come back to the website during the same day I don't seem to get any crashes.
  20. I got the crash also but not as much as that. Once yesterday and once today.
  21. vchris

    no div wrapping

    Found the solution. Instead of floating left the left navigation I used position absolute on it and everything works out.
  22. vchris

    no div wrapping

    I have website which I can't really show anyone since it's password protected right now. I have my left nav and content in a container div, left nav is in a left nav div and content in a content div. In the content area I have a large image of about 700x300, a world map. Everything is great in firefox but in ie6 if I minimize the window a bit the content div wraps underneath the left nav. How can I stop the div to wrap underneath?I have no width on the container div.
  23. vchris

    JS list

    ahhh! of course. That's one way of doing it. Thanks.
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