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    PHP editor

    well, I'll beat him to it. Context features a file explorer, syntaxt highlighting (for many different languages, PHP included) and you can even create your own highlighting. oh, and it has tabs to open multiple files at once.
  2. the best free one that you'll get is probably GIMP. Actually the paint on one of my computers had transparency capabilities, but normally, there isn't transparency in paint.
  3. How do you want me to send it?
  4. I can read the words in your signature, reportingsjr. I highlighted it after to make sure, but I could read it.
  5. so what happens?do you have a link?
  6. you want a tutorial? here's one:http://www.expertsrt.com/tutorials/Matt/install-apache.html
  7. here's a good tutorial: http://www.expertsrt.com/tutorials/Matt/install-apache.html this is PHP5, but just do the httpd.conf part, and it should work.
  8. why do you have that avatar if you mainly use FF?
  9. I think it may be Opera. I've had lots of problems with Opera caching a page, and I have to refresh it. that could be it.
  10. well, I think we better give a bit more info.First of all, to use reportingsjr's example and the one I'm about to show you, you need to have PHP enabled on your webhost.first you make yourself a header file, and a footer file.let's say the header file looks like this: <html><head><title><?php echo $pagename; ?></title><script src="myscriptiwantineverypage.js"></script></head><body> you know, just the basic head of a page. that <?php echo $pagename; ?> is what's going to give you a different title on each page.then you have the basic footer. (I'm not going to give an example on this one.)then you have each file, that are different, and they look something like this: <?php $pagename = "Mytotallyrediculouslylongtitle!!!";include("header.php"); ?>this is some content that will change on each page....this is some content that will change on each page....this is some content that will change on each page....<?php include("footer.html"); ?> of course, you have to change Mytotallyrediculouslylongtitle!!! to whatever you want your title to be, and header.php to whatever the filename of your header is, and footer.html to whatever the filename of your footer is.have I confused you enough? you really should get a basic understanding of php before you try this though.LG
  11. there is no way to change that. In Opera, it says "Choose" instead of "Browse". it all depends on the browser,and the only way to change it is get a different browser, or edit an Open-source one.
  12. ok, that should be fine for what I'm using it for.thanks.
  13. hey, does anyone know how big of a database I should have for PHPBB? I have a 10 MB DB right now, how many posts will that hold? anyone know?thanks.
  14. there is a space in between the include and the brackets () like this: include ('text.php)//space hereinclude('text.php)//none here not sure if that changes anything, but try it anyway.
  15. you don't need to convert it to php, you can include any regular file.if you still want to, here's how: <?phpecho '<div id="sidebar-a"><p class="sideHEAD"><u>Head</u></p><p class="sideHEAD"><a class="side" href="/directory/target.html">Category</a></p><p class="sideTEXTINDENT"><a class="side" href="/directory/target2.html">Subcategory</a></p></div>';?> notice the echo.
  16. I think you are the best for graphics!anyway if you want a fast phpbb forum, go to forumer.com. they do free phpbb forum hosting. they do have a small ad though, like here.
  17. Little Goat


    I think there's an automatic one. this suggests so:http://forums.invisionize.com/index.php?showtopic=107159
  18. Little Goat

    cms building

    well, first I would get a template for all the pages.
  19. what about flash? I have a friend that does that a little bit.
  20. Here's how we get people to vote:in our sigs put this(temporarily):Join the W3schools Project!Discuss vote
  21. Yea, ConTEXT has a folder veiw on the side. check out http://context.cx/ to download and stuff. If you really want to know more, ask Justsomeguy(on this forum).
  22. so a CMS is sort of like what you use, Aspnetguy. right?
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