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  1. so in other words, I'm not learning ASP.net, I'm learning a different language to code it with. right?I think I'll go with C#. thanks.
  2. lol, he was just joking with you.
  3. I'm trying to put together A regular expression that will match all of the following: <a href="someurl.html">go to someurl!</a><a href='http://somesite.com/someurl.php' title="hi!">go to somesite!</a> mainly just one that will pick up <a> tags with an href value, regardless of which quotes used, and which other attributes are specified. here is my regex that I'm hoping does that: /<a[^>]*?href=\s*("|')(.*?)("|')[^>]*?>(.*?)<\/a>/is also, is there a way to return what is in the href attribute and what is in between the tags? (I am tring to use JAVA, but PHP will work fine.)thanks.
  4. That sounds like me before I had anything else. My sig used to say "Why complain? IE is fine." that was before justsomeguy converted me to the dark side.
  5. if you have set dimensions (width/height) on the thing you're trying to do it on, it should work.
  6. so these are alternatives to Javascript and VBscript?
  7. I'm thinking about learning ASP or ASP.net and I was wondering, is it a big help to know VBscript first, and do I need to learn it? I know a fairly good amount in Javascript, but I've heard that it isn't as good.thanks.
  8. I would say yes.unless you are the worlds slowest learner, which you probably aren't.
  9. oh, I just noticed this thread. I like the Idea of a forum or blog Software.anyway, count me in.EDIT: also, one thing to think about with one of those; the (x)html/CSS people will have a hard time doing thier part until the graphics people are done, and the Server Side Language people will have to add in all the HTML generation AFTER the html people are done, so mayb we could have different teams start at different times.
  10. you use regular expressions to return <a> tags, then use the preg_match_all function, I think.after that, you store them in an array or file or something, and then use file_get_contents to all the locations in the array.
  11. just use a form that automatically submits to the same place the other form submits using javascript, and fill in the correct values using php.
  12. I've never had a fish. I had a salamander that we found on or porch once, though.
  13. check out this:http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/package/922.html
  14. so you want ASCII files only, and no Binary files?the mime_content_type function to the rescue:http://us2.php.net/manual/en/function.mime-content-type.php
  15. so you store the filename in a variable, explode it by the period and take the last element of the array, and you'll see what the extension is.
  16. I agree, we should have a different theme, but why don't you just help design it if you want to have it a certain way?How about the Galactic Empire skin? (JK)LG
  17. oh, sorry. I guess I didn't read your post closely enough.
  18. actually, it is done with php. here is a post that deals with the bbcode, and you can o something similar for smileys.
  19. that is sending the output. you must have no output before the cookie statement, including echos, print()s and stuff in between the php segments. if possible, move the cookie statement to before all those, or take them out.
  20. it might be because GET automatically converts everything to strings. it should match anyway, I'm not sure wy it wont.
  21. take the quotes out, or put curly brackets {} around the variable.
  22. if we do get that, people might register twice just to give themselves higher ranking.
  23. there's a list for you.
  24. Little Goat


    I am also trying to build one right now. interesting to see that so many people are doing that.
  25. yea. all you would need to do is type java script:document.write(getElementsByTagName('html').innerhtml) in the address bar and view generated source in Opera or FF.
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