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    Wonky text!

    use the css min-width property.http://www.w3schools.com/css/pr_dim_min-width.asp
  2. Little Goat

    PHP5 on IIS6

    I've heard that you must copy the extensions into the base php folder to use them. I may be wrong though.Did you make sure the extension is in the \ext folder?
  3. yea, I've never been terribly good at it. I might get the new book that just came out though.
  4. I like the Try-it-yourself examples.
  5. is that a game creation program? no, I don't think I have. what's the website?
  6. here's one that works pretty good:http://bokehman.com/captcha_verificationit includes sound for visually impared people too.
  7. yes, mark overmars' gamemaker. it's a pretty good program.
  8. hey sniffy, my website is now at littlegoat.dcole.ath.cx because awardspace isn't working right. the awardspace one redirects to it though, so you can just leave it if you want.
  9. I didn't do html before w3schools. I actually was looking for resources for Gamemaker when I came across a link to this site.
  10. the problem with using a computer for all you use it for now AND a server, is that it will use a lot of resources (memory, CPU, etc.). you should probably get a used computer or something to do the server with.it might be cheaper to just get hosting. you can get free hosting at several places, and a domain name can be as cheap as $3.00 a year. (yahoo domain name registration first year is like 2.95)
  11. well, I'm in opera, and all your webpage shows for me is the background.the source looks fine, but it won't show anything. maybe it's just me. it might have something to do with your comments; in a few spots you have one dash (-) instead of two, such as at the end of a few comments.I actually don't know...EDIT: it also might have to do with the fact that some of the attributes in the html tags are escaped (ex. \' ).
  12. Little Goat


    I already told you. it's in the subfolder /ext in the php directory. copy it from there.
  13. Little Goat


    in the php.ini, there will be a line like this:;extension=php_mysql.dllyou need to remove the semicolon (; ) and make sure that the file php_mysql.dll is in the php folder. the default location of the dll if it isn't in the php folder is the php/ext folder. copy it from there. of course, this is with Windows. I don't know how in linux.
  14. so you want the content in the second box to be different depending on what was chosen before?that takes Javascript, so you need to know that first. then you would use the onchange event to update the second box when you change the first one. you could probably hide the ones you don't want by using document.path.to.option.tag.display="none"/"block"/"inline"
  15. Little Goat


    so in other words, your mysql function isn't configured in php.ini, or it's not working correctly.
  16. Little Goat


    you know, that used to happen on one of my webhosts... I don't know why. is this on your local machine? if so, try it on a remote host if you can.
  17. um, you really need to do something about your site...the first time it said something about a login, then a fewimages and a little more text, the second time, there was just a little text, and the third time, just the background.
  18. or if they don't have time to bother, we can do it instead:http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.ph...5&id=3#skin
  19. this is also a good tutorial if you need more:http://devzone.zend.com/node/view/id/627
  20. try this here:http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=3651that was some good work on the part of scott.you will have to modify it a little to get it to only scroll in one certain place. if you have no knowledge of Javascript, then I MIGHT be able to do it for you... but it would take me a while.
  21. not to be rude, but that makes me feel REALLY GOOD!
  22. I tried the h4ckme site just a second ago, and it comes up with an error page that says there is no webpage configured at the address. hopefully that means that they got kicked off thier hosting.
  23. it probably has somethin to do with the querystring. maybe browse/%s for a querystring?
  24. by the way, that isn't my article. I think it's reportingsjr's.I can see the page, but it's all messed up, with two of the top banner, and down at the bottom scotts article is replaced by mine halfway through. lol. sorry, I really shouldn't laugh.
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