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  1. you forgot the quote at the end of that string. don't forget to add one before you test it.
  2. PHP doesn't need to be validated. if it isn't valid, it throws an error.
  3. I saw that one on roachfiend.com, but I don't see how you can change the displaying options with that.
  4. the embedding is diffferent for each type of file. for images, you just use the standard <img> tag, and for movies you use the <object> or <embed> tags. (i'm not sure on the syntax of the object or embed tags, sorry. search for movies in the html section and maybe you will find something)
  5. I think I understand what you're saying, but I've got no Idea what went wrong. you probably wont get any answers without posting code.
  6. you could use an iframe, couldnt you?
  7. it looks fine to me, at least if $cache[0] is defined earlier.
  8. <input type="button" id="jumper" value="clickme" onmouseover="jump()" />then in jump(): button=document.getElementById('jumper');if(button.style.left == '40'){button.style.left = '80';}else{button.style.left = '40';} of course, you can change 40 and 80 to whatever you want.
  9. or even easier, use a switch statement: switch ($_GET['id']) {case 'this' :echo "the code for page this";break;case 'that' :echo "the code for page that";break;default :echo 'default page here';break;} that is equal to this: if($_GET['id'] == 'this'){echo 'the code for page this';}elseif($_GET['id'] == 'that'){echo "the code for page that";}else{echo "the default page";} go here for more info: http://us3.php.net/switch
  10. if you take the html tutorial, an the CSS tutorial, you will find out.
  11. Little Goat


    oh, sorry. I clicked on the wrong one. here:http://www.dhtmlcentral.com/script/script.asp?id=16
  12. Little Goat


    here you can get the code:http://www.dhtmlcentral.com/script/script.asp?id=17
  13. so what I would do is add a column to your database called filetype. then you add the filetype with $_FILES['yourfile']['type'] and if it's an image, you print the html code, if it's a text file, you include it, and if it's a movie you embed it.
  14. css property:background: gradient(#firstcolor,#secondcolor);that is, if it can take two parameters
  15. for the embedding, you would have to find out what kind of file each thing is, then display them accordingly. I think you could save the file type into the database, because it does send that in the $_FILES['yourfile']['type] doesn't it?
  16. Little Goat

    new to php

    I used PHP for Dummies. if you go to www.dummies.com then you will probably be able to order it from there. you should try the tutorials first, though. I did.
  17. one thing I would do is make verticle-align in css work the same as the valign attribute for tables, except not just tables, whatever you put the property on. (unless there is some better way to do it.)
  18. it may be your php.ini file. I have never been able to send email on xampp because I could never get the php.ini set to what it needed to be; it always threw an error. as for your host, I have the same problem. the email seems to send fine, but I never get it. don't know why.
  19. Little Goat


    well, I think that is where the unix timestamp (or whatever it's called) goes from. it looks like the date() function doesn't recognize the format you are using.
  20. yea, sorry. sometimes I just don't think long enough before I post something.
  21. what I'm wondering is is there a plugin to block all ads like FF has? I know you could just take a few months and find every single ad you didn't want and destroy it... ??
  22. you could do this:$URL = "http://" + file_get_contents('subdomain') + "burnthefat.hop.clickbank.net";couldn't you?
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