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  1. Ah, yeah, I tried the repeat-x code, but it doesn't work in this instance... unless I'm missing something. #fixpic {display:block; position:fixed; bottom:0; background-repeat:repeat-x;}That's the code I'm trying to use on the picture, ripped from the source of that site. Any other ideas?
  2. Hey guys,Just to update this post... I've explored this option a bit, and I'm realizing now that this feature may not be for me. The closest thing to getting this to work was thanks to jlhaslip's suggestion. I found a great tutorial at http://www.cssplay.co.uk/layouts/fixed.html that explains pretty much everything, but their solution doesn't work on my site.I can't find a way to get the image to tile on the x axis; I've tried everything I can think of and am just assuming that it won't work. I could always just make a super wide image (2000 across) that would be larger than 99% of the monitors looking at the screen, but then I'm loading an unnecessarily huge image every time someone comes to the page.I'm probably just going to make the cow stay at the bottom, unless I can figure out how to tile him on the X and make it look decent with a little alpha blend. I got the transparency working great by using a gradient eraser to remove the top part of the image and made it a .png with transparency. It just won't tile!Thanks for the help, you guys. I hope my questions are helpful or relevant to other people, too.
  3. Hey everyone,I'm trying to figure out how to have an image draw ontop of all of the other content, and A site with the effect I'm looking for is this:http://www.artexfab.thornleyhayne.com/catt...omfort-zone.phpNotice how the banner is drawn ontop of the content page, and when the user scrolls up and down, it fades into the banner? That's the effect I'm looking for.I tried to break down their code but got lost. :> Does anyone know what parameters I need to set to have an image behave like that?As an example, here is the page I'm trying to get it to work on.http://bradkav.com/artexbarnsolutions/aquadump.htmlAt the bottom of the page, I have snapped an image of a cow eating grass in the pasture. I'd like this to be drawn ontop, and snapped to the bottom.Alternatively, if I could have a way of the main content window of my site start scrolling at a certain height so there is enough room for the cow to always be displayed, that would be great as well.Thanks in advance!
  4. http://bradkav.com/artexbarnsolutions/aquadump.htmlI got it working; thanks!I've been looking into OOP techniques and I acutally understand what is happening; if this was a month ago, I'd have no idea what an array was. :)Thanks so much for your help! This is making me a lot more confident.Looks like I have to dive into java now... this is a great start. :)Thanks!
  5. Hey guys,I'm working on a site for my uncle, and I have a feature I'd like to implement. http://bradkav.com/artexbarnsolutions/aquadump.htmlOn that page there, you will see a dropdown menu. I want whatever item is selected in that box to chose what image is displayed in the middle of the page. When the user changes to a different model, a new picture is displayed so the user can see what the certain model looks like.I'm thinking this goes outside the bounds of normal HTML/CSS... is this Java? How would I go about doing something like this?Thanks for the help.
  6. Hey everyone,I built a portfolio site for myself a few months back, and didn't really get any major feedback on it. I think the layout is pretty solid, but I'm looking for more opinions. It was the first site I built with CSS and XHTML; I realized late last year that HTML went out of style in 1999 and it was about time I tried to catch up with the current web development languages. www.bradkav.comI've been recently laid off, so any help that can be provided on the site layout itself would be great. :)One thing I realize is broken is my 'Quick Downloads' section on the main menu. I can't figure out how to get a drop-down menu to start a download. Does anyone know how to do something like this? I'd like the list there to have important links to pages and documents people can flip through and download right from the main page. Thanks in advance! --Kibb
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