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  1. http://ryanlin.netWhat do you think of my portfolio? How about the design and color scheme of the website? Feel free to download anything and look at the images I put on the websites page and in the gallery. Comments and suggestions are welcome.
  2. I'm not exactly sure what the difference is between domain pointing and domain transfers. I think that domain pointing is when you use GoDaddy (or another domain registrar) to set your domain's name servers to a specific host. Like if I'm in GoDaddy's domain control panel, I can point the nameservers to dns1.freehostia.com and dns2.freehostia.com, and then add the domain on Freehostia's control panel and wait a few days, then it'll work. I'm not sure about domain transfers either, but I heard that when you do it, you change registrars. Since my current registrar is GoDaddy, if I transfer the domain name then it could get transfered to another registrar like Yahoo Domains. Was what I mentioned above correct? Please correct any mistakes I made, I'm new to this. Also if I lock a domain, is it guaranteed that my domain will stay with GoDaddy? Is that what domain locking is supposed to do? Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone!I've finally narrowed down my web hosts to these four choices: 1. Byethost2. Freehostia3. Webwhak4. ASmallOrangeHave you ever used these hosts before? If you have, please tell me about your experiences with them. The information on their websites can't tell me everything - I need reviews on their reliability, uptime and customer service. Thanks.
  4. I have a little more than one year's of experience with web development and about one year of experience with PHP. But I've been programming for much longer than that. I've been programming for three years now and it still doesn't seem like I'm getting very far. I'll get to the main point now. Today, I downloaded some PHP software from the web and took a look at their code. Among them were Joomla, Wordpress, and Drupal. I compared my PHP code to the code I found in the PHP software that I downloaded. Compared to them, my PHP code looked like crap... like it was terribly coded... now I feel terrible about myself. :)I really can't gauge my own programming skill though, does anyone want to help do it for me? I just want to make sure that I'm on the right track and not producing terrible code. I am self-teaching myself but also learning from numerous books and online articles. I am in no way interested in paying for web development classes, so please don't bring that up. So, what should I do? Would anyone be interested in reviewing my code?
  5. Say if you own a website and you make some money off of it using Google AdSense and Adbrite. Would you have to pay a tax for those profits that you make? I don't really think it would make a difference if you only made $20 (please correct me if I'm wrong) but if you're making say $200,000 a year from websites and you're living on that money, do you still have to pay taxes? Or if you own an LLC and you're using the LLC to backup (or "support") your website, then do you have to pay a revenue tax or something like that? This only applies to the United States. If you're going to reply, make sure most of it is accurate information. Also, links to other sites offering legal advice would be appreciated.Thanks.
  6. I just finished redesigning my website. Need comments, criticisms, whatever. Anything will do. http://ryan-lin.co.cc
  7. How can you monitor with PHP how many users and guests are on a single page? I know that you could query information from the database to determine how many users are online, for example: select username, current_page from users where online = 1 and page = 'news' But, how can you monitor how many guests are online? Do I have to use the same method for guests - add a row to a table containing the guests currently logged on? Would something like this work? create table all_users ( id int not null auto_increment, last_activity datetime not null, ip_address varchar(32) not null, user_agent varchar(255) not null, page varchar(64) not null, referer varchar(255) null, primary key (id) Then if I wanted to check how many guests are viewing a page: select count(distinct ip_address) as views from all_users where page = 'news' And that should work, but there's another problem. How can I delete the row from the database when users leave my website? If there are only guests and there is no logout feature, then how can I delete their "session" (not really a session, just their row in the database). How can I delete their "session" if they just exit out of their browser window instead of pressing a button?Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  8. You know how there are jQuery functions that "wait" for events to occur first? Like there is $(document).ready() that keeps checking until the document is completely loaded, or the effects which update themselves? I wanted to know how that works. How does jQuery constantly check for state? Say for $(document).ready(), does it repeatedly call setTimeout() on a function that checks the state of the document until the document finishes loading? Or does it use a stack or something similar? I'm really curious about this, and also how its animations work.
  9. You know how some JavaScript files start with this: (function() {...}) Well, I don't get what that does. I know that it creates a nameless function (please correct me if I'm wrong) but other than that, I have absolutely no clue why they do this. What is the purpose of doing that?
  10. Ok, I have designed my personal website, again! =Ohttp://ryan-lin.co.ccIs it good? How can I make it better?
  11. omgRawr

    Is This Bad?

    http://ryan-lin.co.ccI think it looks worse than my previous design but I'd like your comment on it. Oh and ignore the Websites page, it's not finished yet.
  12. I have about one year's worth of experience with HTML and CSS, but I still can't design websites very well. I do manage to create some good designs, but usually that's because I get lucky and choose the right colors and layout. But, I really want to improve my design skills. Usually my websites are only solid colors with no images or other creative layouts. I don't need advice on how to improve my design skills though. What I want to know is, what are some tools that can help me in designing a website? I'm talking about tools like color pickers that choose good matching colors for me - I'm not very good with that. And you know, things like that. So does anyone know of any?
  13. After doing extensive research on web hosting services, I've finally managed to narrow down my choices to FreeHostia and Byethost. Both seem like very reliable hosts and their servers respond fairly quickly. I also took a look at both of their hosting information and they have most of the features that I need. Before I make a final choice though, I'd like your opinion on them. If you have ever used FreeHostia or Byethost before, please do tell me your experiences with them. Anyway, I have a few more questions before I make a final choice. 1. Do both hosts allow you to host file storage sites? How about image galleries? Adult sites? 2. What kinds of websites or services do they not allow you to host? 3. How is their customer service? How long does it take for them to get back to you? 4. Have they ever shut down one of your sites before for bandwidth / disk space usage reaosns? Thanks in advance.
  14. Thank you. I'm really looking forward to the new features that HTML 5 & CSS 3 offer
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