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  1. i agree, firefox i reckon is the best for development, i just found a nifty extension that will list all errors and warning on any page you vist.awesome, it doesn't come straight from w3c but its close.
  2. Nothing beats Firefox and all the extensions it has available. I have IE, Safari, Chrome and firefox and i would use anything else except to test my sites for problems!!!
  3. sgt.spike


    I just think that signature are something personal. I don't think ther should be image sigs, what a waste of space. Thats what you avatar is for!!!!
  4. Ok so my bad!!! I realise i didn't leave the URLHere its is:http://www.g-qnit.comYes i own the domain name as well.
  5. This is the first one i have ever done, so far the validator has only given me 6 errors. The assignment requires me to write this one out by hand using only Notepad++.Any help on layout or even the code (if you using the html extension in Firefox) would be greatly appreciated.Any help really!!Hope its ok, I do realise it is very bland at the moment, haven't logged onto my host and updated in a week or two, too busy on other assignments.Plus it took two weeks for permission to even register for W3Schools!!SS
  6. G'DayFull name: Ben TruscottAlternative name(s): BenoBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 05/09/84 makes me 24Gender: MaleZodiacal sign: virginCountry of residance: AustraliaCity of residance: MelbourneHeight: 5ft 11Weight: 72ksEyes: greyHair: brownSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: yes/yes (JD all the way)/no again, never go back!!!Favourite Music: hardcore trance, the oldies (ZZ Top, Led Z and the sort), Rammstein, System, Metallica (always been the best)Favourite Movies: Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, BHD, IronMan, FMJInterest: RTS games, FPS's, music creatationPets: I used to have 2 dallies, now th
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