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  1. Develop in anything but Internet Explorer, but check your site so that it works in all browsers.
    i agree, firefox i reckon is the best for development, i just found a nifty extension that will list all errors and warning on any page you vist.awesome, it doesn't come straight from w3c but its close.
  2. This is the first one i have ever done, so far the validator has only given me 6 errors. The assignment requires me to write this one out by hand using only Notepad++.Any help on layout or even the code (if you using the html extension in Firefox) would be greatly appreciated.Any help really!!Hope its ok, I do realise it is very bland at the moment, haven't logged onto my host and updated in a week or two, too busy on other assignments.Plus it took two weeks for permission to even register for W3Schools!!SS

  3. G'DayFull name: Ben TruscottAlternative name(s): BenoBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 05/09/84 makes me 24Gender: MaleZodiacal sign: virginCountry of residance: AustraliaCity of residance: MelbourneHeight: 5ft 11Weight: 72ksEyes: greyHair: brownSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: yes/yes (JD all the way)/no again, never go back!!!Favourite Music: hardcore trance, the oldies (ZZ Top, Led Z and the sort), Rammstein, System, Metallica (always been the best)Favourite Movies: Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, BHD, IronMan, FMJInterest: RTS games, FPS's, music creatationPets: I used to have 2 dallies, now they live with the 'rentsAdditional comments: currently working on a project for school for my brother-in-law. First time that i have even looked at coding or anything like that.Favourite tools are Notepad++, Macromedia MX Studio. And i my spare time im working on a couple of tracks with Acid Xpress 7.0

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