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  1. explorer collapse, PLEASE HELP ME!Hey,I'm using FCKeditor WYSEWYG.The FCKeditor use JavaScript code and until month before I don't have problem using him.But suddenly I'm getting annoying error from the explorer, It's very hard to know why this error occur but I think it's related to float menus.For example When I'm open a float menu by right click and I don't choose noting from this menu and I click on the editor area I'm get the Explorer error that collapse my Explorer.It's seems like after the explorer work for some time and then I'm doning that it's appear.I only want to know why the explo
  2. Why this code:-------------------------------------function autofitIframe(id){//copyright 2004 Eddie Traversa http://www.dhtmlnirvana.com/if (!window.opera && !document.mimeType && document.all && document.getElementById){parent.document.getElementById(id).style.height=this.document.body.offsetHeight+"px";}else if(document.getElementById) {parent.document.getElementById(id).style.height=this.document.body.scrollHeight+"px"}}------------------------------------Doesn't work to some of my users?Does he not support some browsers?
  3. Hello all,I'm using the MSSQL version 8.I build a new table with text data field.After I insert some recoreds to this table, I'm trying to view them using SELECT sentence.How can I view the data of this field?Thanks!
  4. Hello All,I a'm using the ensim pro 4 (windows) and when I'm having a new customer I'm setting is domain from my ensim software.My customer list is growing now and I get a lot of request to change some DNS setting.It is very hard to take care all the message support and I want to let the customer change there own DNS not from the ENSIM and only from my site code.Can I send the ENSIM PRO a commands that tell them How to change the DNS?Thanks!Noam
  5. Hello all,I let the users to upload files and not only images.I want before the file upload to check the size of the file.I now how to do that with images but not with files.Does any one have an idea?Thanks
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