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  1. you know what, i actually have Media Temple in mind for the hosting service. i guess what i was trying to find out is what the whole "uploading" process is like. how do i get my code into the host's hands? they can probably answer this if i go to them, right? and one more thing: what are the benefits of getting my code hosted for free (aside from the fact that i don't pay crap)? any disadvantages?
  2. (disclaimer: i am relatively new to html) hey dudes, so i have my code all written up and ready to go (you see, i have made a very simple website, and i would like to get it hosted). how do i go about getting my site hosted. the code is with me and ready to go; in fact, i have all the pages of the site neatly organized in a folder on my desktop. can anyone help me? i sure this is not hard at all. thank you.
  3. yeah, you know what... i figured out a way to reduce the font size (i had to do this for each individual row). i couldn't do it in the <table> tag, but i could reduce the font size within the <tr> tag like this: <tr style="font-size:10px>TABLE DATA GOES HERE</tr>... i should try it your way also though... ill see if it can work. but i have another question: is there any way to make vertical table headings? thanks a lot
  4. well, like for instance:<table border="1" width="100" align="center" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3" style="font-family:arialnarrow" style="font-size:8px"><tr><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td></tr><tr><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td></tr><tr><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td><td>00</td></tr></table></body></html>as you can see, i have set the width attribute to "100" in an attempt to shrink the width, but this does not work (obviously) b/c the table has to make the bare minimum width available to accommodate the LARGEST cell text width... so, i am thinking the best way to go about this is to VERTICALLY ORIENT the table headings... how can i do THIS??? thank you so much for the reply!!
  5. i just made a 23 X 23 table, but the table is too wide, and the font is just to big for the text in the cells of the table. i have tried reducing the width and the font size so as to make the table fit into the browser window, but it seems like there is actually a minimum font size and table width because it won't let me go any smaller. how can i reduce the width of my table further and also reduce the font size?thank you very much
  6. ok, but how do i save the file as a .html file?? please thanks
  7. hey first of all, this is a very great site. i have learned a lot so far, but i don't know how i can test out my html code that i have written in Notepad in an actual browser window. can anyone provide me with instructions on how to do this please? a friend told me something about saving the Notepad file in .html format or something. how can i do this? when providing instructions, please assume no prior knowledge! thank you very much.
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