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  1. Thanks sure that's solve my problèm
  2. Why does'nt it work well on both browser with the same code.now I've problem with margin, that does'nt look the same
  3. Tynian

    Comment ....

    Yeah, thanks, so it's like in C++ code
  4. Tynian

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    Hi ! I've another question.I want to put comment in my css code, how can I do that ?
  5. Yeah that's good, but if you want to add différent option in each of them also, that make a crazy code.
  6. Noway, I find a soluce.I've used another solution : #page { position: absolute; left: 50%; width: 500px; margin-left: -250px; margin-top: 30px; }and it works both. thanks
  7. The first one works well on firefox, but not on internet explorer, that the problem.in fact, I just want to include all the programmation code in a div and center it on my page, for the resolution.and the second, I think it would'nt work, becaouse I don't want to center text only.
  8. Hi ! I've a little problem.I just want to center a <div> </div> in my css, on Internet explorer.I arrived to do that with Firefox, but none also on internet explorer, can you help me please.
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