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  1. OK, I've got it right now , thank you all very much !!!
  2. OPTION EXPLICIT dim wins, yourprog, yourfileSet wins = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")yourprog = "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe"yourfile = CHR(34) & "C:\Windows\Desktop\YOURFILE.avi" & CHR(34)'You need to quote the file you're putting in, as you would in'start, run.. so the chr(34) does that (double-quote)ws.Run CHR(34) & yourprog & CHR(34) & yourfile, 0, "FALSE" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> thnx, but where should I paste this into my vbsript? After the part wich is: if choice = vbYes Then.... thank you for helping me... --- by the way... when
  3. yea, that's right.... what?? not possible??--- by the way, (now I see I'm in "browser scripting"...) it will be a file for myself, just on my local computer....
  4. hey you code-masters :)I've got a little vbscript excisting 1 from (Yes and No)I would like when Users click on vbYes a .avi file gets opened...for example the path is E:\Video\test.avican sombody help me?thnksErwin de Brouwer
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