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    welcome..how can I get the pathname for website (ofcorse Imain pathname without domai..)???like this:www.sara.com/sara.php&p=12I know method like it but in java script not php..(window.location.pathname)..thnks,,
  2. aroma

    Probelem With Ado

    No it didn't show any messege it only showed up white page .. although I did the same steps on this linkhttp://w3schools.com/ado/ado_connect.asp
  3. aroma

    Probelem With Ado

    I followed the same steps that are on this link http://w3schools.com/ado/ado_recordset.aspbut the database in access didn't open with ..could you tell me please what is the solution then ??regards, Aroma
  4. aroma


    hi i have used microsoft 2007 and if i use this lesson i got error code page and if use link of access (accdb) it gives me deffent than (mdb) . http://w3schools.com/ado/ado_recordset.aspcould you plese help me in that and let me know if there any deffrent between cose access 2007 than 2003 regards Aroma
  5. thanks alot..this is what I want it.sorry ,, I main ASC ..
  6. hello..how can I make timer ASC in javascript In my project two buttons :if you pressed on the first button.. timer is starting.and if you pressed on the second button.. timer is stopping..
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