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  1. I find yellow and green combination very poor. Rounded corner look right with white corners. The green and white "Ads by Google" header provides best example how you should be creative to provide title to your content blocks. Try gradients or other features.My cafe logo does not have any picture. It is not attractive as its name is.I really like the image use for products.There are no tabs such as home, sign in, shop cafe on the front page which makes user lonely at first glance and ready to leave if he/she has less time to look around for products you are providing.Your menus are working and
  2. Like above posts, I would also suggest not to jump to any different technology which you are not conversant with right now.Though I would like to suggest that the presentation is not justifying the content of your work. It would have been suitable if you have build it simply without scrollbars, using tables and images as borders. I could not extensively suggest. Here are few suggestions.1. Use some web service such as Twitter, RSS feed to provide Site News.2. Use some workable website structure. Look around web for examples. Here is one http://www.3dworldmag.com/2011/03/16/learn...tereo-3d-gam
  3. I saw your blog. Your articles are informative as well as presentable. I though found labels very confusing. You should consider tagging under more common tags in hierarchy. The header image is all in text and that too very contrasting in color as the color of your blog. It would look good with an image and some special font used to display the blog name in centralized way (not stretched to the width of image).Good Luck!
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    Html Code

    There is no html/css that can help you with that. use < for < and > for > and place your code in between.for example:<html> produces<html> on the webpage.you don't require anything for / back slash.
  5. define CSS style in the <head> </head> tags as following:<style type="text/css"> a {color:black;text-decoration:none;}</style>I would like to refer you to www.w3schools.com home page. then go to css link. learn css text under the css basic and css pseudo-class under css advanced.
  6. This can be brought in effect with graphic program like Photoshop using the concept of layers. One layer consists of image as background and another layer is transparent with light white color and then this layer can be transformed into desired shape onto the first layer.With Iframe, you can use opacity tag but iframe looks artificial on the webpage as it leaves the border impression on the webpage.
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