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  1. HelloPlease I'm using Joomla for my website and would like to insert real player & windows media player components into my pages where I can play or offer playing media files like .ram, .rm, .wmv ...etc.I've tried several modules and components but nothing working so far.Thanks
  2. http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/site.htm
  3. Hi,I hope that I am posting in the correct and the right forum .There is something I can not make up my mind for it and I thought to post here asking for an advise from people around here as I do believe that we have many experienced and talented guys around W3Schools forum.I have a website that I need to include many thing within and therefor I need a good CMS plus a forum and a blog and maybe a gallery (this is for the time being).I've goggled a lot for the best or suitable CMS I can depend on and after a lot of reading I've found that Drupal is better (while some and they are too many goes
  4. I this is absolutely trueThanks a lot guys-Off Topic-I will do my own website with Drupal CMS as my learning project, so I thought to post about something in the same thread here instead of starting a new one. So any one has any advises for such a thing?
  5. What are the differences between both
  6. Thanks a lot for your replyI will follow your advise
  7. Thanks for the tipPlease what is the best editor I should stick to to learn and be professional coder?Is it dream waver or something like note pad ++
  8. Please I want to ask for something I will start learning HTML, CSS, PHP from scratch and I will work as a free lancer for web projects Please I want to learn the right way and in a professional way What is the right or the correct way? Is it to : 1- Use the w3school website from a2z. 2- Get myself some eBooks and read it. 3- Use different tutorials from lynda ...etc Please advise and take into consideration that I do not have any back ground. Thanks
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