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  1. I have one picture (.jpg), a black square made in Photoshop. This square has been divided into 4 sections, where each section acts as a link to another webpage. I want a word to appear over each section when the mouse hovers over it, to describe the page you get to if you click on that section..Look at this terribly non-explanatory picture if confused (I even confused myself):http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/6960/nonexplanatory.jpg
  2. Hello there.Right, this is my first post here (well, third actually, but the first two were both at the "introduce yourself" topic, so they don't really count").. anyway, I thought I'd learn some HTML and such, and discovered the best way to learn is to actually create something.. go figure.Anywho, I know next to nothing about coding, so.. you get it. Right now my problem is to get text to appear when the mouse hovers over a picture... a black square divided in four image maps, to be specific.The four different maps/parts all link to four different pages, and I'd like text to appear when the m
  3. Uhm, yeah.. I'm new here.Call myself "madscientist".. couldn't bother writing it propely, so the space vanished eventually.<--- That's Mr. Crazy (my avatar).. say hello and be nice to him!Other than that, I thought I'd try to learn some coding.. sounds fun fun fun. Can nada, nix, nilch.. nothing, basically. But I'm here to learn!...Oh, and hello everybody!-madscientist
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