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    I'm doing my B.Tech in C.S. and i like many things like Surfing, Webdesigning, Reading, Watching Movies and making friends.

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  1. Well my first site was one i made just forfun under the guidance of a friend of mine.Now web designing is wat i like 2 do most of the time and hope 2 bcome a succesful web designer apart from being a software engineer. I was a late starter and build myfirst site at the age of 19 and now one and a half year after that i seem 2 hav covered some distasnce. Right now i'm trying 2 make a site for my institute, I've completed with the design part and right now i'm working on coding and Database development.
  2. Hello Everybody,My name is Ankit & i'm doing my B.Tech with C.S. from Hit, Gr.Noida.I want 2 b a webdesigner after i complete my B.tech. I'm an Aries and like 2 make new friends. I'm also interested in astrologyand read books on it during holidays. But generally i surf the net andtry 2 learn new stuff abt web designing.
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