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  1. alpha02

    SQL: get row num

    I take pride in what I do.
  2. alpha02

    SQL: get row num

    Thanks, fixed it now!
  3. alpha02

    SQL data loss

    My host allows 100mb but my db is only 100kb. This isn't the problem. I can try to change the type of thje field and check what it gives,
  4. alpha02

    SQL data loss

    Hello!I have a table where I store the user names and passwords of the members. I use, when creating the account:$pass = $_POST["pass"];$pass = md5 ($pass);$pass = md5 ($pass);mysql_query ("INSERT INTO membres VALUES ('$user', '$pass')");//and I store this in a varchar(35) field.When I log in, it looks for the password in the db and compares it. It works, but sometimes the password juste disappears from the table and I have to go in phpmyadmin tu put it back. The validing page (login) has no script to modify the db. In phpmyadmin, it says :Loss: 60 bytesWhy does it happen? Please help!
  5. alpha02

    SQL: get row num

    Hello!I want to make a function to return the row number. Example:table: orders|_____ID_____|_________NAME__________||_____4______|______NOBODY__________||_____3______|_______NONE____________||_____5______|_______NONAME__________||_____2______|_______NOBODY__________|something like:$resource = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM orders WHERE id = '5'");$rownum = getrownum ($resource);echo $rownum; //write 2I need this for my forum, please help!
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