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  1. That's not a surprise to me: because there are lots of people in quite different levels. Once i am capable to do something, i will surely share my skill with them, no matter what they ask.
  2. i fully agree with you. W3schols, THE BEST forever
  3. Thank you very much, i really appreciate your "cool" suggestions.
  4. i finished the course for html and css, but i found that's not enough for me to design a good website. i still can't use html/css freely. Any good ideas on how should i do? or could you please recommend me some good tutors as good as that of w3schools?Thanks and best regards
  5. Thank you, JONAS!You have a good website with a very high pagerank: nearly twice of mine!
  6. i finished w3schools css courses two weeks ago. but i find i am still on the bottom stage. could you please tell me what to do next, or are there any place i can learn css course in details? i am even wondering if i lost something here: i evn don't know how to use "div" after i finishe the course :
  7. i use table function on my homepage. But i find: though i set "table width="100%", it still leave some blank space both left and right; what i want is to make the table takes up the whole page, and i have no ideas on this any good ideas, my friend?
  8. Thanks very much for your kindly help, aspnetguy & Skemcin! It woks well for your idea!Feel free to contact me if you need any assistance. Also, you can notify me whenever you come to visit China:shanghai or beijing, i will be glad to invite you for some delicious food!
  9. I am quite new here because it takes me lot of time to reach here( i live in far east China, while w3schools locates in America) i want to delete the border lines(margin) among several frames and don't know what to do(try to make the page looks like only one frame), any feedbacks, my friend?
  10. I am Shining from Shanghai, China; i come here to learn html & css etc. I also want to make friend with any of you, if you like!
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