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  1. niche

    Customizing W3.CSS

  2. What does teamsArrOb actually look like?
  3. What are you basing your dynamic assignment on? I don't see a string or array? REST API is not a database. https://medium.com/@marinithiago/guys-rest-apis-are-not-databases-60db4e1120e4
  4. Why client side, w/ javascript and some kind of database, instead of server side, w/ something like PHP and MYSQL? I'd go w/ PHP and MYSQL to dynamically populate a menu, but that's me. Please confirm that you've thought about client side / server side and purposely chose client side.
  5. Please limit each question to a single question. I suggest you post a notice that you suspend this thread and re submit per my suggestion. EDIT Also, please limit your code posts to the relevant part and please use the code tags <>.
  6. I'd do it client side with php. either way you'd need to know something about php (server side) or javascript (client side). else, the answer is probably beyond your current capabilities. Someone else might have a different approach/opinion. We're happy to help as long as you try to ask informed questions. The best hint I can give you is that you'll probably need to use some kind of loop. so, read up on php loops specifically and php in general and try to rough out how you'd fit a php loop into your code. First things first, though. you'll need to set a localhost. i'd use wam
  7. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33273941/php-case-sensitivity/33273959#:~:text=Class names are case insensitive,variables %26 constants%2C are case sensitive
  8. Abstract that attribute out of your code with something like php. Problem solved.
  9. niche


    Happens automatically when you use their desktop app.
  10. niche

    Better Sql Statement

    what columns do you want to target?
  11. How do you want to trigger them?
  12. niche

    Better Sql Statement

    There's always a better way. What are you trying to accomplish?
  13. niche

    Convert Date in SQL

    is your INT unix timestamp?
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