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  1. Please show us the code you’ve written, so far, so we can better answer your question.
  2. That's a start. This is the place to learn some of the other scripting languages you'll need to know and work out the bugs in the code that you'll need to write.
  3. The General Heading is for topics concerning the w3schools site. Do you code?
  4. Please read our guidelines: [topics] Must be a Specific Problem or Question related to web design and developmen Do you code?
  5. Taking your question as asked, /js is a path in the w3schools website. I'll bet that's not really what you want to know. If so, please be more specific.
  6. Try changing the label display to inline and put a line break after each input option. EDIT I’m pretty sure display:block for the input label is the problem.
  7. s3schools.com is not a thing
  8. Our guidelines are very clear: No direct or indirect advertising for websites, forums, products, services
  9. Fox hit the nail on the head. I would respectfully add, focus on the WHERE keyword.
  10. You might try to do a “save as”, but doesn’t seem your question is a code question.
  11. Here’s what you need; https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_update.asp
  12. That looks like a Wordpress function. You'll need to ask them unless you can post the HTML and CSS that it probably generates.
  13. s'il vous plaît poster votre code pertinent (please post your relevant code)
  14. Then, good work! Remember to comment completely what you just did for future ref.
  15. Yes. See my EDIT from last post
  16. So, what’s in the table? Are both names there? If so, the query is part of the problem. Either way, a few solutions come to mind, but let us know if both names are in the table. I’d like to know. EDIT: Look at the lastname col AND comp_name col
  17. What's the actual sql query you're using? Else, what's in $conn? EDIT: if not a SQL connection, $conn maybe a string that contains both possibilities.
  18. Sounds like a job for an if statement. Can’t tell you if you need one pre or post call without seeing your actual code.
  19. Writing websites, web tools or something else?
  20. Good. You have many options for your local developer environment I recommend this for starters: https://www.wampserver.com/en/ It's completely free. You don't even have to register. They don't care who you are. It's the localhost I use. Their download is clean. No viruses, malware, spyware, etc. EDIT: Still, run their dl through your virus scan before using it!!
  21. What kind of OS are you thinking about getting with your new laptop? Your answer will directly impact how you'll create your local development environment.
  22. In this context, I mean start writing code especially for reasons that interest you! The bigger the variety of ideas you try to write code for, the more valuable your code skills will be to you and the people that will want to hire you. Speaking for myself, the key to becoming confident as a coder is the willingness to make mistakes. Lots and lots of mistakes. It's just as easy for you to produce challenging, mistake producing code situations, as it is for employers. So, don't wait around for some one to hand you a job. Make one for yourself and be willing to tackle lots of mistakes. Ma
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