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  1. Awesome, thanks again chief!Im not too fussed about any penalties, as i dont really see much of a way around it whilst still using iframes.
  2. GOT IT! Finally! Thanks heaps for the help mate, it's really appreciated!!One last thing.Iv included the code in the frameset at the bottom of the page instead of including it in an onload script. I originally put it in an onload script and called it from my iframe - but when i loaded the page up it directed to the original iframe source first, then re-directed, whereas when i put the code at the bottom of the page it doesn't redirect to the iframe source first. Does that make sense?It still works fine, but are there any downsides to not including the code in an onload script?And now that i ha
  3. Thanks again for the help mate, but unfortunately my lack of Java knowledge is working against me here! :)I found this site: http://scriptasylum.com/tutorials/framered...meredirect.htmlAnd tried to implement the code they outline there - but couldnt get it to work. I think it may be because im using an iframe frameset, rather then a normal frameset.I tried to combine the content page code they used along with the code you have outlined, but again, no luck.This is what im using at the moment:In the head of the index.html frameset page im using your code: <script type="text/javascript">fu
  4. Thanks for the further information. Makes it a little bit clearer.That said, its looking like something i wont be able to accomplish with my nonexistent java skills.Let me know if you know of any tutorials, or further information, that specifically tackles the type of thing ill need to be doing.Thanks again for the help!
  5. Sorry mate, i dont completely follow you here. Im totally in the dark when it comes to Javascript as i've had no training on it at all. So any further information would be greatly appreciated!Alternatively, are there any resources you could point me towards that would delve deeper into what your suggesting?
  6. Im currently designing a website using iframes (at a client's request ofcourse!). Im trying to set the site up so that it is as search engine friendly as possible.The ultimate goal is to try and make it so that all static pages can be linked outside of the frameset, and then be automatically redirected back to the frameset without the frameset pointing back to its original source file.So what im hoping to find is some javascript that i can include in all of the pages that will re-direct back into the frameset. Iv managed to track down a script that allows me to do this, but after it re-directs
  7. J0rdz

    #include Issues

    First time poster, so please be gentle :)Bit of background - im fresh out of uni and have just scored my first web admin position. I have had no previous experience working with ASP or ASPX, but have a good knowledge of HTML and basic web design.I was approached by my current employer to re-design their current website. Im using the already built structure and making a cosmetic edit to generally clean the site up.The page runs through ASP, making use of an online shopping cart, and uses the #include command to set up it's layout with a header and footer.After editing the code in the already ex
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