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  1. Hi!I am not quite sure why you would want to do this but I think if you added height="30%" to the iframes that should work, then you could have three of them and 10% of a page for a header. So like this, but three times. <iframe src ="yourlinklocation.com" width="100%" height="30%"><p>Write something here for people who cant see iframes</p></iframe> That should work. I can understand 3 iframes to different pages, but why just link to the same one page? Im curious.
  2. Hi Justsomeguy, thank you!I am glad it is not just me that realised the complexity of a new time system!This has been a point of discussion between myself and friends for a while now. We all have our own ideas how this would work correctly. My idea is something like this:day (same as gregorian, as the 10th is still the 10th no matter which month)month (contain same days, but start from October - so the 4th month contains 28/29 days - allowing leap years to not screw with the system)year (Starting from 1969)So one could say that today is the 12th day of the 9th month of the 40th year of the use
  3. Hi guys!I have been reading about basic PHP functions as I have started using it on my site. I read that there are ways to display the current date and time, as well as things like the jewish date and time for example.I would like to have a clock displaying the time (GMT) but with the date set to start from Friday October 29, 1969. (The date of the first packet exchange between UCLA and SRI).Todays date is: 10 / 06 / 2009 AD but I would like to display it like: XX / XX / XX AI (After Internet). With the first ever day being 1 / 1 / 1. There will be an irregularity in the first month as it wil
  4. So maybe you could google for BSD releases by Niels Leenheer? If it won a contest I am sure there will be an article about the coding somewhere. Failing all that you might even be able to send the author an email from the address he has given.Good luck in your searches! ^.^b
  5. mehashi


    Hello! ^.^I am a little confused at your question, maybe I read it wrong? Could you provide the names of each file with it eg projectme.html or index.php or whatever. I am sorry if it is only me who became confused reading your post.One thing I noticed is that many of your addresses are absolute but point to your hard-drive (c:) does dreamweaver allow you to convert these en mass to the addresses you will be using online? If not maybe relative addresses may help as if you place your public_html folder in the root of the c: drive you can use the same relative addresses as you would use once it
  6. Ok thank you justsomeguy, I will take that into account. I am currently reading up on the most suitable type of license, as like I have mentioned I am quite happy for people to take what I have written or made, as long as credit is kept and I am not accused of stealing my own content!Thank you again for the pointers! ^.^b
  7. Yes this board is definately part of invision and their IP range and not w3schools. Well as I cannot find anything expressly telling me why this is being blocked I have put it in my temporary whitelist to allow it. None of my other security measures are going wild yet!Still this is the first false positive I have had if it is so!^.^*EDIT* Now that I think about it I have not checked all of invision's forums, maybe they host one that has been flagged, and the IP range is shared by this forum? Quite possible methinks...
  8. Yes I have sent them a ticket requesting a reason for Invisions IP being blocked but have had no reply yet. Sometimes IP ranges are marked as bad, rather than actual IP addresses, In these cases you can find false positives from IP's in the range that have nothing to do with the IP that was actually being targeted. Maybe this is the case?Othertimes however perfectly 'legitimate' companies try to access things they shouldn't or request information in a strange way and this quite rightly flags up a warning that the IP has been blocked. Many times this is a company collecting data 'relevant to th
  9. Ok well to satisfy that I have found a way to automatically watermark my pictures using GIMP and embed the artist information in the picture. The only thing for me left to do then is find a way of embedding a watermark or details into my Notepad++ files, I am fairly sure it can be done as to display such data is an option in windows.Thank you for your pointers guys! ^_^b
  10. Hey guys! Is this just me? If so please forgive my questioning!Invision Power services inc Ip's repeatedly flash up as a warning the entire time I am on this forum. Why is this? Does anyone else get this? I am a member of Ubuntu forums which uses the same kind of board as well as other forums, and never get a security warning at all. The only way I can view this board is to allow all http communication, something I absolutely do not like doing! I have found having http blocked only affects about 5% of sites, and that is usually for a good reason. So what is it that this board wants? My details
  11. Hey guys! ^_^Thank you for the help Ingolme I would have never known where to start if it wasnt for your pointers. I am sorry to say that I also had some issues with this code, even after reading up on javascript and trying out a few solutions I was still baffled! Sorry I do not know javascript really!In the end I found a suitable working code on these forums. I just didnt know what to look for before. It is in the "SHOW/HIDE SCRIPT" section of this page (javascript >> code snippets).This works perfectly for me, hopefully for anyone else too! Thanks again for your pointers in the right d
  12. Hello!The design of the site looks fine in Firefox 3, although the advert on the left is a little distracting. I like the buttons you have made as well.The only thing I think you are missing is a way for a non member to see what it is they are giving out personal info for, for example screenshots of the game, maybe a total of registered users or even features of the gameplay. I can't speak for other people but I will never sign up to something unless I can see exactly what benefit I would get from doing so. Follow the Fiesta advert on your page and see what info they give to a prospective clie
  13. mehashi

    My Site

    Hello! Please forgive my criticism but I have a mini-list of things you should address:1. There is no content... at all. While I actually think providing an online beta version of your site for final testing is great, this is not a beta site.2. The bottom button of the navigation bar is well away from the rest in Firefox 3 and IE 6,7 and 8.3. The text in the news column isn't... in the news column.4. The title of the news should be the link, but the title, date and text being links is a bit much.5. When I think pokemon I think yellow, orange and red. (bright and contrasting colours) Your site
  14. Okay well that seems to be quite encouraging! As I mentioned the thing I aim to prevent is being accused of duplicating my own content!It would be too ironic to give someone a copy of my work and get punished for it! Grr.For now I will back up all I have and post it to myself but general concensus is that I do not actually need to go through any procedure to copyright my content? That works for me too! As I mentioned I add and change content probably twice a day on average so that could become a hassle if a long process was required. Ok I am happy with that!One more thing though, If someone wa
  15. Yes I am sorry to see that notepad++ was not listed!Syntax highlighting and all the features you need in a text editor, it is great and for the icing on the cake it is open source! Can't do better than that for basic coding! The tabbed method of working makes it great for working on 10+ pages all at once without having windows popping up everywhere! Try it! ^_^b*Edited* for terrible typos...
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