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  1. I’m getting that warning on this site :http://lottoholic.com/soccer/ I’ve gone into the ftp and cheched the file and nothing seems to be out of order, i even compaired the file to another CBPress installment on another website, it’s the same file, same syntax, no error on the other site either. i’m thinking about copying and pasting the code from the one site to the next. but i don’t want to really mess things up. can someone give some advice? here’s the code block. $new = array(); $chunks = $d; $chunks = str_replace(' and', '. and', $chunks); $chunks = str
  2. I like how its forcing me to learn how to do it . I appreciate it you not just giving me the script anymore. (for php) please dear god don't do the same for jQuery!
  3. fading the background from default to active. grey to orange.
  4. http://hajzer.info/ Ive taken this weekend to install wordpress, starkers blank theme to create my website template by hand. Please let me know what you think. (not yet 100% complete) but hopefully soon! Thanks!
  5. HTML: <div id="quick-links-container"><div id="quick-links"><ul> <li><span id="website-design" class="active">Website Design</span></li> <li><span id="graphic-design">Graphic Design</span></li> <li><span id="wordpress">Wordpress</span></li></ul></div><div id="quick-information"><div class="website-design"><h3>Website Design</h3> <p>Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard
  6. Here is my HTML Navigation menu: <div id="navigation" > <ul> <li><a href="/">Home</a> <li><a href="services/">Services</a> <li><a href="portfolio/">Portfolio</a> <li><a href="about/">About</a> <li><a href="support/">Support</a> <li><a href="contact/">Contact</a> </ul></div><!-- navigation --> and my navigation CSS #navigation{ height: 65px; position:relative; top:30px; background: url("images/nav-bg.jpg") repeat-x top left;
  7. I think my weakest point right now with my current knowledge, is CSS Floats. it just doesn't stick, and i find myself guessing half the time. i know float left then margin anything left (the size + padding and margin of the floated item) but its the clearing, whether to clear left, right or both.
  8. You are a html, CSS, PHP, jQuery GURU!! how do you do it!
  9. okay just realized i read it wrong. i need to pay more attention. thank you very much. but yeah, i fixed it. thank you.
  10. yeah it was weird. for some reason only for the support page it was like that. i think it had something to do with <div id="default-container"> was spelt wrong. which would affect the padding, or possibly because i was missing the ">" in the code. but thanks . think you could help me with the search results page? I've had the same problem with another website (same code)
  11. INSTEAD! i have a problem with my search page!. http://hajzer.info/?s=s the float THERE is messing up my sidebar. which leads me to think theres something wrong in my side bar. code for loop.php page : <?php/*** The loop that displays posts.** The loop displays the posts and the post content. See* http://codex.wordpress.org/The_Loop to understand it and* http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags to understand* the tags used in it.** This can be overridden in child themes with loop.php or* loop-template.php, where 'template' is the loop context* requested by a template. For example, loop
  12. AND my entire site is weird. nothing Hover is working.. http://hajzer.info.com/ the nav has a hover state but it only shows when you click. and nothing is right in the sidebar (link hovers) nothing happens with the curser..its on wordpress. http://jsfiddle.net/...lahajzer/m9cpV/ theres the code for the sidebar, and css for sidebar. i think I'm doing the float wrong. ... nevermind i got it.
  13. This is the view source for the about page: <div id="default-container"></p><h2>About</h2><p><img src="http://attilahajzer.host-ed.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Attila.jpg" id="personal-image" /></p><p></p><p> My name is Attila Hajzer and I am a Current student studying at Niagara College for General Arts. I have been doing website design for 4 years now and I enjoy every bit of it. I enjoy learning new concepts as much as I like to learn to use some of the ‘old school’ tools as well. I tend to experiment with different ‘Text Ed
  14. I don't have access to ftp at this moment. A boss to some respect set the domain up a few days ago for me. and i he hasn't given the ftp information yet. I'm working on getting it. I hope to be able to get the information sometime tonight.
  15. for wordpress,when putting a DIV into a page, it treats some as a p, as well as a <br>
  16. Id like help to restyle my content area and sidebar for proper floating.. go to the home page, then services, they look the same pretty well (the sidebar) but when you go to About, its so different and i have no idea why!
  17. the div with class .left which are you referring to. where is it.
  18. remove clear:left from left in my CSS stylesheet?
  19. Im having a problem floating my actual PAGE content next to my sidebar properly.and i need help http://hajzer.info/
  20. are you good in CSS swell because I'm having a float problem with my actual page content and sidebar. ill make a thread. http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=41465
  21. One more thing... a default one. (web design) for when the a person first comes on the website, web design will already be active.
  22. and then hoe about making an Active class.
  23. did it. how do i make the links right? if i leave the link blank, the page refreshes, if i use '#' the page jumps to the top. what do i do in order to keep the page scroll at the same place when i clicked it, rather then it moving or the page refreshing? and is there a way I can have a default one (web design) and have a CURRENT class or something?
  24. Okay, it works, but for some reason not fully. hajzer.info. when you click anything, it goes away.
  25. is there something wrong with this? http://hajzer.info/ I've sourced the jQuery library in my <head> and same with my jQuery. just visit the link, and view source, you'll see. for some reason its unresponsive
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