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  1. I found this table on Google Adwords under the "Learn about AdWords" section. You can click on it and it show different stuff on the right. I looked into the source code and found that you can duplicate this but what are the necessary codes required? I want to make a similar one on another page with minimal amount of codes.
  2. is it possible to leave it blank?like $subject = ''
  3. oh forgot to delete that. here, new code: <?php$first = $_POST['first'];$last = $_POST['last'];$to = 'nobody@example.com';$message = 'subscribe ucso $first $last';mail($to, $message);?> would this work?
  4. ok here's what I have so far:HTML: <form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action="join.php"> <div><br /> First name: <input name="first" type="text" value="what do you go by" onfocus="this.value=''"/> <br /> <br /> Last name: <input name="last" type="text" value="your family name" onfocus="this.value=''"/> <br /> <br /> <input name="Submit" type="submit" value="Drop us an email" /> </div></form> and in join.php <?php$first = $_POST['first'];$last = $_POST['last'];$to = 'nobody@example.com';$message = 'subscribe ucso $first $last';mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);?> does this work?
  5. so im guessing the php code should look something like this? <?php// The message$message = "preset text message here with form input afterwards";// Sendmail('mail recipient', 'My Subject', $message);?> how do i link it so that it grabs input from the form?
  6. so i know nothing about PHP and after looking around tutorials I'm still trying to get familiar with the dollar signs and all that. anyway I've got a form, looks like this:except I've replaced the link with a button, and my question is, how do I construct the php code so that on clicking the button, the browser will launch a mail program like it does with "mailto" with preset text it and the form inputs at the end?
  7. ok here's a slightly different situation, say i have this on the page:what would the code be if by clicking the submit button it will start mailto function with <a href="mailto:*email address here*?body=*preset text here* then *input from box1* *input from box2* "> ?so how do i make the button copy the inputs and put them into the body of the email?
  8. i think i have PHP... how do i script something like that?or how do most online sign up forms work?
  9. what's a simple way to make a button work in a form of "sign up"? I made a form that a user can put in his/her name and email address then clicking the "submit" button and nothing happens.now an ideal thing is to get the email address of the person who is trying to sign up, then use a pre-set email to email that person a pre-set message. how do i do that in a form?
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