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  1. i realy like that thx buddy i think nothing in my head to talk about ... so thats all 4 now many many thx to u all
  2. yup good point buddy now if i finsh my study how i start my work i mean how u start to work in this kind of work guys for free or with company or wat ?
  3. i know that photoshop important for web designe but wat about flash 4 web pages ?
  4. thx guys for the comments but wat u mean about photoshop
  5. wat i can say more hmmm (do u think php or asp family more powerful and useful for good and big web pages?) and (wat usefull software most of u use to build web pages big small wat ever and work with xhtml+php them all and build for new w3c rouls) at last many many thx to the ppl who try to help me love u guys
  6. hmmm anther good point from guy wat u think guy about my learing steps html(xhtml) then css >>js>>>php>>>sql at last ? or wat i should go first
  7. thx guy u realy help me alot am realy happey but wat about sql do u think ill need it? and 4 now ill learn html then css then javascript then php do u think this good steps ?
  8. thx lee for ur comment i know my english is bad but u can understand me and "i can talk ur laguage and u cant talk mine" ^^' (learn english good is on my plan 2) ,thx guy for ur comment 2 its realy help but do u think (HTML(XHTML)+css+javascript) are enough 2 building good web site
  9. and btw i search many times with out any good answer so i hop to find it in here
  10. thx buddy but am wondring how i start it thats all wat i should do i need clear steps to start in ...
  11. hello good ppl in good site its my first topic in here and i realy need ur help guys so lets go >>>i realy want to be good web developer (builder,designer) work with w3c rouls and want u guys to lead me and athers to how to start wat should i learn first and like that all i need from u to put me in the way make plan for noobe to be good web developer like u
  12. hello guys mido 's now am from egypt 22 male want to be good web developer thx for the good site & forums
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