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  1. ben3001

    PHP Voting Script

    Hey guys,I'm trying to find a solution to my ratings script problem.At the moment I have a simple thumbs up and down script which posts +1 in the corresponding field (votes_up or votes_down). The only security I have at the moment preventing the user from voting numerous times is a cookie is set with the commentID. I then have a statement that: if cookie is set, then do not display voting thumbs. This is my temporary solution but i'm sure there is another way.Is it possible to post many values into one field in a mysql database seperated by commas?The idea I have is that when the user votes their user id is posted into the user_vote field along with all the other id's that have voted seperated by commas.If is possible then I would have a script that searchs each userid, and if there isn't a match then display voting form.Have you got any suggestions?CheersB
  2. Hey mate thanks for the quick reply, how would i go about this?Tonight is really my last chance
  3. Hi Guys long time,I have a little problem here i have a project in for tomorrow and my group have let me down.I need a music player that loads all mp3 files that are in a folder.I have seen some where you have to specify the folder you want in the place list (in the xml file), but this is not what i need. It has to display all the files in that folder.Im really a little anoyed becuase at the last minute my mates said they couldnt get anything to work.Any help is really appreacited This is one examplehttp://www.premiumbeat.com/flash_resources...player_menu.phpBut you have to have direct url, as shown in the below xml file <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><xml> <track> <path>samples/</path> <title>Track 1 - Track Title</title> </track> <track> <path>song.mp3</path> <title>Track 2 - Track Title</title> </track> <track> <path>song.mp3</path> <title>Track 3 - Track Title</title> </track> <track> <path>song.mp3</path> <title>Track 4 - Track Title</title> </track> <track> <path>song.mp3</path> <title>Track 5 - Track Title</title> </track> <track> <path>song.mp3</path> <title>Track 6 - Track Title</title> </track> <track> <path>song.mp3</path> <title>Track 7 - Track Title</title> </track> <track> <path>song.mp3</path> <title>Track 8 - Track Title</title> </track> <track> <path>song.mp3</path> <title>Track 9 - Track Title</title> </track> <track> <path>song.mp3</path> <title>Track 10 - Track Title</title> </track> <track> <path>song.mp3</path> <title>Track 11 - Track Title</title> </track> <track> <path>song.mp3</path> <title>Track 12 - Track Title</title> </track></xml> Ben
  4. ben3001

    Fixed Fonts

    Well smartalco others also seem to think his question is also unclear, thus I made an assumption, as to which you cannot judge until Amit replies. I have simply tried to clarify what he is asking and although I may be wrong, your comment is irrelevant to the question asked and has no purpose! Possibly you should wait for his reply instead of being certain. .
  5. ben3001

    Fixed Fonts

    Im guessing by fixed fonts you mean fonts that everyone has on their computer, right?
  6. although you can build good sites in flash (and i have seen quite a few) i believe flash should be used to enhance the site.
  7. ben3001


    i'd just like to take this time to say thanks a million for your help. it worked!
  8. As the designer of a site you should be the one who has a flare for design and creativity. You should prehaps suggest to the client these colours are not appealing to the site because...Its better to say now at the start rather than leaving it till the end.
  9. As i understand it, you want to remove the menu that appears when you right click. To be honest it is pointless in trying. If someone wants to get an image from your site they will!For example in firefox right click a page and select View Page Info. Then select media. Here you can download evey image displayed on the site.
  10. ben3001


    i have been looking at how other sites do this and i just cant seem to accomplish it
  11. ben3001


    Sorry but i dont really understand what i must do.this is the code i have for the captcha field <tr> <td>Verification Code</td> <td><br /><img src="verify.php" alt="captcha" /><a href="design.php?num=1">Refresh </a><br />Enter the verification code as it is shown in the box above.<br /> <input id="cpt" name="captcha" type="text" size="10" maxlength="5" />'; if( $incorrectCaptcha) print " <span style='color:#FF0000'> Invalid code. Try again!</span>"; print '</td> </tr>
  12. This is what your looking for i believehttp://www.aharef.info/2006/05/websites_as_graphs.htm
  13. ben3001


    ok so this is the working captchahttp://aquatic-management.org/design.phpthe image is held at: http://aquatic-management.org/verify.phpas you see when the page refreshes any data inputted into the form is lost
  14. ben3001


    so how do other captchas work? currently the only way i have of refreshing the captcha is by pressing a button that refreshes the whole page, however, this obviously looses the data inputted into the form
  15. I think it makes the statement more effective .I just find it bad practice, whats the point of teaching someone something they will never use. If you gonna go out your way to teach something do it the valid way!
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